Focal Vestia Speakers Range at CES 2023

Focal Vestia Speakers Range

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Focal has just announced its new range of loudspeakers at CES 2023. And in short, the five-strong speaker lineup of the Focal Vestia range is all your home cinema, and stereo systems have been missing out on all this time.

The lineup consists of one pair of stand-mount speakers, three floor-standing models, and one centerpiece speaker. 

Interestingly, the range is named after the Greek/Roman goddesses of hearth and home. And each naming for the speakers carries the touch of unique naming.

Focal Vestia Speakers Range
VESTIA N°1; Source: Focal

You might think that the Focal Vestia lineup will not complete a 5.1 surround setup. And you would be 100 percent correct in that regard. Focal recommends pairing up the lineup with the SUB 600P. 

That will pair perfectly with the new lineup and offer you a complete 5.1 setup. Wondering where the Focal Vestia lineup sits at

Well, it is below the entry-level Chora range and the much pricier Aria series. And with the new lineup’s release, Focal has everything in each price range.

Focal Vestia Speakers Range
VESTIA N°2; Source: Focal

On that note, the Vestia kit of Focal is priced sensibly. So, if you are looking for something in the middle of the road, this new lineup is perfect for you.

That said, all the speakers from Focal Vestia come with an ‘M’ shaped aluminum-magnesium inverted dome TAM tweeter.

Focal originally developed this tweeter by in-car audio experts. And the audio specialist revamped it and made the new version exclusive to the Vestia lineup.

Focal Vestia Speakers Range
VESTIA N°3; Source: Focal

The lineup also comes with the Slatefiber cone driver technology. Focal developed it with recycled carbon fiber and utilized it first in the Chora speaker range. 

It got good overall feedback, which is why the audio specialist integrated all five speakers into the lineup. Want to know more about the speakers? 

Let’s first talk a little about the stand mount speaker, which is called Vestia Nº1. It is ideal for small spaces. And as it comes with the new M-shaped TAM tweeter, it will also offer a room-filling sound in large spaces.

Focal Vestia Speakers Range
VESTIA N°4; Source: Focal

The center speaker, Vestia Center Channel, comes with two bass drivers. And finally, the three floor-standing models, the Vestia Nº2, Nº3, and Nº4, include the new tweeter and a 16.5 Slatefiber mid/bass driver. And as you go up in the range, you will find more upgrades in the woofer drivers.

Nonetheless, the highlight of the stand-mount speakers is that they can offer a “low-distortion” front port. The three floor-standers, on the other hand, have both rear and front ports for “more frontal impact” and a deeper soundstage.

All the speakers of the Focal Vestia line come in three different finishes. The side panels come in Light Wood, Dark Wood, and Black High Gloss. And each is accompanied by a white or black leather-effect finish on the front panels.

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