You Should Forget About Remotes and Get the Fire TV Blaster for Just $19.99!

Forget About Remotes and Get the Fire TV Blaster

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Have you ever thought that something was missing when it comes to hands-free voice control for your TV? What if we say the missing piece in Amazon’s Fire TV Blaster. And it is at a staggeringly low price now!

Best Value
Best Value

Fire TV Blaster – Requires Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen and later) with Alexa Voice Remote, Fire TV Stick 4K, or Fire TV (3rd Gen) and any Echo smart speaker or smart display.

First of all, what is the Fire TV Blaster? You might not have heard of or seen this nifty little TV gadget before.

At its core, it is essentially a device that will allow you to control the TV with the powers of Alexa voice control.

It is a device that will pair well with any of your Fire TV devices. But that is not all that the device is meant for!

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Forget About Remotes and Get the Fire TV Blaster
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Along with just controlling your TV, you can pair the Fire TV blaster with any of your Echo Speakers or speakers that come with built-in Alexa. Once you do that, you will have the ability to control the TV and the Speaker with hands-free commands.

Now, you might want to know more about the compatible models. It will work with the following devices:

As you can see, the TV Blaster is compatible with a broad range of devices. And if you are pretty much into Amazon’s Ecosystem, you have been missing out on a lot if you do not have the TV Blaster already. 

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Forget About Remotes and Get the Fire TV Blaster
Image Credit: Amazon

You see, remotes are very outdated, considering all of the technological advancements there have been in the past few years.

That is not all, though. Using remotes to control devices requires you to go through much more hassles than controlling them with your voice command.

That said, the Fire TV blaster is not just a device that will let you turn your TV off and carry out some basic controls. 

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Forget About Remotes and Get the Fire TV Blaster
Image Credit: Jumpstory

It will even let you carry out some advanced commands such as muting the soundbar and changing the HDMI inputs of your TV. And the great thing about all of it is that you can do it all with your voice!

Nonetheless, the device does not look like something that does not belong in your living room. It features a sleek and boxy design that will blend well in most setups, whether it is a full-fledged home theater setup or a regular one. 

Other than that, the original price tag of this nifty little device is $34.99. And with this deal, you can own the Fire TV Blaster for just $19.99. That is a $15 price cut. However, if you are eyeing the Fire TV Blaster, you need to grab the deal fast! It will not be on sale for a very long time.

Fire TV Blaster - Add Alexa voice controls for power and volume on your TV and soundbar (requires compatible Fire TV and Echo devices) $34.99 View

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