Former Apple Executive Joins the Board of Directors of Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics

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Q Acoustics Limited, the parent company of Armour Home Electronics, QED, Goldring, and Q Acoustics brand, have announced that they have appointed Colin Greene to the board of directors as a non-executive director.

If you do not know much about Q Acoustics, it is a multi-award-winning HiFi brand. Experts in the audio industry founded it with the sole purpose of developing a highly successful loudspeaker brand. 

Q Acoustics
Source: Q Acoustics

The brand is from the United Kingdom, and in just one decade, the brand has disrupted the market with its cutting-edge, highly innovative, and cost-effective audio products.

You are bound to find the brand’s audio devices in high-end shops. And for the cutting-edge technology the team integrates into the offerings, the devices are unlike any others you will find in the market.

So, who is Colin Greene? He is a former Apple executive who has been leading Apple’s US consumer business into multibillion revenues. He has been an Apple executive for 13 years and brought significant success to the company. 

Q Acoustics
Source: Q Acoustics

Therefore, he will be capable of showing off what he got by assisting in the development of the business strategy of Q Acoustics. His vision will also optimize the potential of the core owned brands of QED, Q Acoustics, and Goldring worldwide.

In total, Colin brings 30 years of experience in executive leadership roles. He has worked with different technology brands, which include Dell, Intel, NCR, and most recently, Apple. 

During his entire tenure, Colin Greene has held COO and MD roles for Apple in Seoul and Tokyo. In the US, he led the consumer brand across the very largest retailers in the world.

Q Acoustics
Source: Q Acoustics

Colin returned to the UK three years ago. And after returning, he has taken on multiple advisory and non-executive roles in the technology and consumer sectors.

According to Colin, “My north star is the quality of the people I work with, and the level of enthusiasm, passion, and desire to do great things at Q Acoustics is unmatched.”

Q Acoustics
Source: Q Acoustics

“George and his team have created an amazing product and brand assortment, and I feel honored to be able to participate in their continued success,” he added.

And according to the Managing Director of Q Acoustics, George Dexter, “Colin’s appointment comes at a very exciting time for the business with a strong new product pipeline and significant international opportunity to grow, particularly in the US where Colin’s experience and knowledge of the market will be invaluable.” 

George added, ”I can see Colin’s appointment as a “sea change” moment for our business and brands, and I cannot think of a better person to join our board to help us shape our future.”

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