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LG GX Sound Bar

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You do not need to spend a ton to get an immersive home cinema experience. Yes, you just read that right. You only need to wait for a good deal on a fantastic soundbar. Looking for something like that? 

Best Value
LG GX Sound Bar

Surround your senses while ideally matching the Gallery Design of the LG GX Series.

Well, this 50% deal on the LG GX Sound Bar is your answer! Wondering what makes the soundbar so great? 

Basically, the GX Sound Bar will make you see how the sound and picture can come together. The drivers inside can offer you stunning 24-bit/96kHz audio. 

LG GX Sound Bar
Source: LG

That means you can get all the details from the audio and music. The same thing is true for the display output capabilities that it has. And it comes with HDMI eARC

Thanks to that, the LG GX Sound Bar can not only offer a higher overall bitrate video output, but it can also even provide Hi-Res content. That, too, with uncompressed audio.

Talking of audio, the LG GX Sound Bar supports Dolby Atmos. And the great part is that you do not need to use a different cable to enjoy the amazing sound that it can offer. 

LG GX Sound Bar
Source: LG

One HDMI eARC will be more than enough for superb audio and video. On that note, you will not need to rely on the wired connection to enjoy fantastic music from the soundbar. 

The GX Sound Bar has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to pair your phone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly. And after a successful pairing, you can enjoy wireless music streaming at peace.

The music quality will not deteriorate, regardless of the type of connection you rely on. Dolby Atmos will make you hear every audio note with impressive details and clarity.

LG GX Sound Bar
Source: LG

So, how immersive of an experience can the LG GX Sound Bar offer? It is a 3.1-channel soundbar. 

However, you can pair wireless speakers with it. And when you place those speakers correctly, you can get an authentic 5.1-channel surround sound experience with this soundbar.

Other than that, the setup process of the soundbar is pretty straightforward. It comes with a wall mount bracket, enabling you to mount it beneath your TV easily. 

LG GX Sound Bar
Source: LG

The speaker also has a built-in cable management feature. So, you don’t need to worry about cables dangling around your TV.

Finally, the overall design of the LG GX Sound Bar is very eye-catching. Its sleek body makes it blend exceptionally well in different home theater setups.

Basically, there’s a lot this 50% deal has to offer. Take full advantage of it if you have been thinking of upgrading your setup!

LG GX Sound Bar with Subwoofer, OLED Gallery TV Matching, 3.1 ch, 420W Power, Dolby Atmos, High Resolution Audio, HDMI eARC, Wireless - Black
LG GX Sound Bar

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