Global Delight Debuts 5.1 Support for the Boom 3D Mac

Global Delight

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Boom 3D Mac is getting an upgrade! Global Delight has just unveiled a new update for the macOS. The v1.4 will take the immersive virtual surround sound output of the Boom 3D to the next level. 

Wondering how the update will make such a change? The update will basically make the Boom 3D specialize all audio channels of a 5.1 surround audio from music, movies, and games. 

That will eventually enrich the depth and fidelity of sound. And the great thing about the update is that even a standard headphone can take advantage of what it has to offer.

Global Delight
Source: Global Delight

By specializing in the different channels of a surround audio track on a headphone, Global Delight also aims to improve the perception of different audio channels distinctively. 

With clarity 5.1 audio support, the Boom 3D promises to add a new level of realism and uplift your overall virtual reality experience.

Thanks to this update from Global Delight, you will truly feel like being a part of the action. And no, the update will not degrade the quality of the sound. 

Global Delight
Source: Global Delight

Instead, it will utilize improved audio effects to offer you a better dramatic sound experience. Not to mention, the immersive surround sound quality will also climb significantly.

Previously, Global Delight made the Boom 3D garner only the exclusive features and made it focus on unparalleled 3D sound effects. But as you can see, things are going a different route with the new 5.1 updates. 

Users of the Boom 3D are sure to be transported into a much more realistic world of audio experience. And that is indeed a thing to look forward to.

Global Delight
Source: Global Delight

On the previous version released by Global Delight, Boom 3D was downmixing the 5.1 multichannel audio to stereo by the system audio. The downmix was then virtualized to 3D surround sound

But thanks to the new update, Boom 3D can now directly spatialize every channel of the surround audio track and drive multichannel audio.

That eventually results in a much more immersive and realistic surround sound experience with headphones. And for direct support, the sound does not suffer from loss of details and quality. 

Global Delight
Source: Global Delight

There is no downmixing process going on, after all. What about the previous inbuilt features? Well, they are still available and going strong. 

Users have been praising all the inbuilt features such as fidelity, ambiance, spatial and night mode. And as this new update is sure to make users get more out of the Boom 3D, it will also get a lot of positive feedback.

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