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Google and NORAD Santa Tracker: Here’s How You Can Follow Santa

Google or NORAD Santa Tracker

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Christmas is already here. Even though it might not be here for you, people in some regions are already celebrating Christmas. 

But it can be pretty hard to track where Santa is going after every hour. Norad and Google have a solution for that! They have brought out a properly functioning Santa Tracker.

Wondering why anyone would bother to track Santa? Well, Santa tracking is a well-loved tradition now. But by no means is it a modern one. The tradition started accidentally started about 70 years ago. 

Google or NORAD Santa Tracker
Source: Google Santa Tracker

According to the legends, a Sears catalog printed out the phone number of Colorado Springs’ Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center instead of a Santa hotline in Christmas 1955.

After that, CONAD started getting calls from children who were hoping to speak to Klaus. CONAD saw an opportunity and wanted to have a little bit of festive fun

So, CONAD began to publish press releases on the whereabouts of Santa each year. In other words, CONAD brought out the original Santa Tracker.

Google or NORAD Santa Tracker
Source: Google Santa Tracker

The tradition eventually caught on, and CONAD handed the responsibility to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). 

Ever since then, the Santa Tracker of NORAD has been a go-to resource for knowing the current location of Santa. However, there is another tracker available.

In 2004, Google brought out its version of Santa Tracker. It is different than the one that NORAD offers. However, it has the same fun element as the version from NORAD.

Google or NORAD Santa Tracker
Source: Google Santa Tracker

Now, when choosing between Google and NORAD, you need to consider the experience you are looking for. Some say that the original Santa Tracker from Norad is the best

However, you might have a different view regarding the tracker. Nonetheless, for the NORAD Santa Tracker, you have a website that is run by the US military. 

It fuses gruff colonels, presenting a video about Santa Claus. And it has live information about where Santa is at the moment.

You can download the dedicated app, which is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the app, you will find many mini-games.

Google or NORAD Santa Tracker
Source: Norad Santa Tracker

Those make it fun to track the live location of Santa. Then, you have the Google Santa Tracker. And even though Google doesn’t have the same satellite tracking capabilities as NORAD, it is fairly accurate in tracking Santa. 

And just like the version of NORAD, you will find mini-games inside the app. Google has also put up a month-long website that encourages children to learn to code. 

Nonetheless, you can get the app from the Google Play Store, but a desktop tracker is also available.

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