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Google Home has Just Streamlined the Smart TV Remote Experience

Google Home Smart TV Remote experience

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You have missed many things if you have not used the Google Home app. It is one of the most versatile smartphone apps out there. 

And it just got better. The app now has support for the new Matter smart home standard. That means you will now be able to control smart home appliances, which include ACs and, most importantly, TVs. 

However, as of now, only a small number of users have started to see the on-screen buttons for controlling their TVs. But we believe it will soon roll out to more users.

Google Home Smart TV Remote Experience
Source: Google TV

Wondering what TV controls will you have with the new Google Home update? Well, it will come with features on the remote apps on phones that come with an IR blaster.

Controlling the TVs with the Nest Hub is pretty straightforward. And according to 9to5Google, the comprehensive touch-button controls are like the Nest Hub controls on the new update of the Google Home app. 

That means that controls will be easy to get used to. Now, if you have a smart TV with Google Home or Assistant support, these on-screen buttons will let you do multiple things. 

Google Home Smart TV Remote Experience
Source: Google Home

The set of actions includes muting the volume, adjusting the volume, turning the TV on or off, and pausing or playing the content. You will also be able to change the input source of the TV straight through the app.

A similar type of on-screen button is available in the Google Home app for some smart speakers

One interesting design detail about this is that the controls other than the play and pause are pill-shaped.

Google Home Smart TV Remote Experience
Source: Google Store

That button design will let you quickly get used to mapping the buttons. And Google deserves some praise for this.

Are you wondering how to interact with your TV through the app now? You have to be one of the members of the preview program of the Google Home app

However, note that the Cast-enabled devices do not work. To interact with the Cast-enabled devices, you will need to use the media control feature of the app.

Google Home Smart TV Remote Experience
Source: Google Store

Overall, this feature is a step up for the app. It clears the air about the redesigned app-based controls that Google promised in August 2022. 

That said, Google did not mention when the feature will officially roll out to all Google Home users. 

But, as it is already working fluidly on the preview version, you can expect the feature to come on your app in the upcoming weeks. And Google might make an official announcement regarding it soon.

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