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Google Pixel Buds Pro borrows a Feature from AirPods Pro 2

Google Pixel Buds Pro

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The new update that Google teased about a while back arrived on the Pixel Buds Pro. And just like the rumors and teasers suggested, the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) buds finally have a new equalizer system.

News Update
Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro use Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal to adapt to your ear and help block outside sounds, creating a quiet foundation so your music can shine

However, the equalizer is not like any other third-party equalizer. Instead, it features full-fledged five-band adjustments. That means you can tweak the balance of the sound precisely.

But that does not mean that you need proper knowledge of equalizers before trying out the feature on Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Source: Google Store

Google provides six presets with the update. So, if you do not want to spend the time and make an effort to customize the sound yourself, you can just choose one of those six.

To update your buds, you need to install the Pixel Buds app. And as long as you keep the app updated, you will automatically jump to the latest firmware from Google.

Currently, the version is 3.1.4, which is something you need to note to check whether you have got the update or not.

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Source: Google Store

On that note, the Pixel Buds app is only on Android. So, if you are rocking the buds on your iPhone, you will need to borrow an Android phone to get to the new firmware.

All the changes that you make on the equalizer through the app will be saved to the buds. That means you will not have to keep the app open all the time to enjoy your custom-tuned EQ.

Nonetheless, the original reviews of Pixel Buds Pro were not that promising. Many did not like the weighty or grippy bass that the buds offered. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Source: Google Store

But with this update, things can take a turn. As the equalizer is in the hands of the user, it will be possible to fine-tune the sound and make it line up according to your preference.

Now, what does the update have to do with Apple AirPods Pro 2? Well, Apple has offered the ability to change the audio levels of AirPods. 

With iPad OS and iOS 14, users can now change the equalizer to some degree. Although, there is no customizable option for the EQ. You only get two different versions, which are basically preset.

Google Pixel Buds Pro
Source: Google Store

Overall, with the update, Pixel Buds Pro is basically getting a boost. But along with the equalizer upgrade, the new update also aims to fix several bugs that were present in the Pixel Buds Pro.

However, the main star of the show is the equalizer upgrade. So, if you were holding back on getting the buds for the sound, now would be the time to reconsider.

Google Pixel Buds Pro - Noise Canceling Earbuds - Up to 31 Hour Battery Life with Charging Case - Bluetooth Headphones - Compatible with Wireless Charging - Charcoal
Google Pixel Buds Pro

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