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Got an LG TV? Claim Free Apple TV+ Right Now!

LG TV and Apple TV+

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Bought one of the LG TV models in the last four years? You have an early Christmas present to unwrap! The brand is gifting all the owners free Apple TV+ subscriptions for three months. And it is definitely something that can come in handy during the festive season.

LG started the promotion this week. And it applies to all the 8K and 4K LG TVs running the smart operating system webOS. 

However, only some of the models are included. The ones that came out from 2018 to 2022 with webOS 4.0 to webOS 2022 are in this promotion. 

LG TV and Apple TV+
Source: LG

That includes most of the popular models from LG, such as the Award-winning C2. To get the offer, you just need to open the Apple TV+ application on the LG TV

Afterward, follow the instructions, and you will be all good for the free three months subscription. Don’t know what you can actually get from the Apple TV+

Well, it is the streaming service you want to be in if you want to enjoy all the Apple Originals. That includes The Afterparty, Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Severance, Invasion, and many others. And you can watch all of them for free with your LG TV for three months.

LG TV and Apple TV+
Source: LG

But it’s not just all about the Apple TV originals. Along with them, you can stream a lot of other award-winning series, groundbreaking documentaries, compelling dramas, kids’ entertainment, and many others.

Furthermore, you should know that Apple TV+ takes a lot of pride in quality, not quantity. Unlike Netflix, the platform does not have a ton of shows or series to watch. 

But the ones that you will find are worth the watch. In other words, none of the shows will be a waste of time unless you are not interested in the genre at all.

LG TV and Apple TV+
Source: LG

Apple TV+ also plans to start screening live sports next year. That means you can soon watch Major League Soccer matches and Friday Night Baseball on the streaming platform.

In short, you will love the free three-month subscription you will get with your LG TV. Eventually, you might find yourself subscribing to the service. 

And once you start enjoying the shows that are on the platform, you might keep yourself away from Netflix for a good while.

LG TV and Apple TV+
Source: LG

Don’t have an LG TV yet? You should consider getting one! The models such as the C2 and G2 are some of the best TVs out there. 

Their OLED panel, image production quality, and sound are something that takes them top of the list. And the good news is that they come in multiple screen sizes.

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