Grab the 58% Deal on Tozo NC2 Earbuds

Tozo NC2 Earbuds

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Who said you have to pay a ton to experience what good-quality Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) earbuds sound like? This 58% deal is the perfect example that states that you don’t. But is the Tozo NC2 worthy, even with such a hefty price cut?

Best Value
Tozo NC2 Earbuds

You can hear what you want to hear, which lets outside sound in so you can hear and interact with the world around you.

Let’s first talk about how hassle-free the pairing process is. Tozo has opted for a one-step pairing mechanism for the earbuds. 

To connect the NC2 to your phone, you just have to pick both buds from the charging case, and they will automatically connect with your phone when you tap on pair. Simple, right?

Tozo NC2 Earbuds
Source: Tozo

Even though the Tozo NC2 has a simple pairing process, the other things about it are not that simple. For example, the sound department. 

Tozo has gone all in with the drivers. The acoustic experts of the brand focused heavily on precision tuning. And that makes the buds offer an exquisite quality of sound.

Then, you have the ANC mode, which is the show’s star. The Tozo NC2 adopts a hybrid 3-layer ANC tech. 

Tozo NC2 Earbuds
Source: Tozo

The first layer has an outward-facing microphone detecting tall external sounds and canceling them with an equal amount of anti-noise. And the mics do such a great job that they reduce more than 35dB of noise.

The second layer consists of inward-facing microphones. They listen to the sound while being inside your ear canal and produce anti-noise again to cancel all of them out. 

The last layer is the carefully thought-out ear caps, which can reduce 90% of the external sound from entering your ears.

Tozo NC2 Earbuds
Source: Tozo

No matter what, you will be all signed up to get a fantastic immersive music-listening experience with the Tozo NC2. Don’t want to cancel all the sounds? 

You have the transparency mode! In this mode, the earbuds will let you hear what you want, allowing you to interact with the environment around you.

The Tozo NC2 even puts heavy emphasis on user convenience. The earbuds have optical sensors, which can detect when you have put the buds in your ears and when they are off. So you will not need to pause and play the music manually.

Tozo NC2 Earbuds
Source: Tozo

Moreover, the buds have an IPX6 rating. That means you can wear them even when it is raining lightly. This rating will even come in handy when you are exercising. You will not need to worry about your sweat ruining the internals.

Finally, you can totally depend on the battery life of the Tozo NC2. The buds can last for more than 10 hours with a single charge.

And when you put the charging case into the equation, the total run time jumps to 42 hours!

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Tozo NC2 Earbuds

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