H2O Audio: If You are Into Swimming, You Need to Try these Tri Multi-Sport Headphones

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Headphones

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Did you know that H2O Audio was the first brand to market headphones that were waterproof? That headphone launched in 2003, and they have earned quite an amount of fame for that. And it seems like H2O Audio is back at it again! 

New Release
H2O Audio TRI Multi-Sport Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones

Enjoy your music in and out of the water with the breakthrough Bluetooth bone conduction headphones with a built-in MP3 player. These Tri Multi-Sport Headphones securely fits around your head for a wireless experience as you run or swim

The brand has just released its latest invention, which is a waterproof bone-conduction headphone that takes waterproof ratings to the next level. 

These multi-sport headphones go beyond the IPX8 rating, and that is not a small deal at all! But what does the “beyond IPX8” rating actually mean? 

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Headphones
Source: H2O Audio

So, it means you can take the headphones and submerse them under 12 feet of water without worrying about any liquid getting inside. And while other headphones have a time limit, these headphones from H2O Audio do not.

In other words, you can keep the headphones submerged under 12 feet of water for an unlimited time. But the thing is, you can not keep your phone under such a depth of water for an unlimited amount of time. 

So, H2O Audio has got a solution for that as well. The Tri Headphones are not only a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but it also has built-in MP3. 

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Headphones
Source: H2O Audio

That means you will not need to take your phone underwater. However, do not expect to make the H2O Audio Tri Headphones carry all of your large music collection.

It features 8GB of memory, which is not that large but is good enough for 2000 MP3 songs. And to listen to all of that music, you will get nine hours of run time with a single full charge. Again, that battery life is not bad for a pair of sports headphones.

Now, what if you are not an athlete? Will this pair of Multi-Sport Tri Headphones still be a good pick for you? 

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Headphones
Source: H2O Audio

Actually, you do not need to be a professional to get these. The pair can come in handy if you are into skiing, surfing, swimming, or snowboarding.

Most importantly, if you have recently lost a pair of True Wireless Stereo buds for dropping them into a puddle, the H2O Audio Tri Headphones are a perfect pick for you.

And let’s not forget that many still forget to take their AirPods off of their pants when they do their laundry.

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Headphones
Tri Multi-Sport Headphones; Source: H2O Audio

That said, the headphones look pretty sleek too! They come in blue, pink, and black colorways and have a band-like shape. 

This band-like design is there to ensure that the headphones do not fall off when you are exercising or playing an extreme sport.

H2O Audio TRI Multi-Sport Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones, Bluetooth Open Ear Headphones with Built-In MP3 Player -up to 6-Hour Battery Life, 8 GB -For Swimming, Running, Cycling, Hiking (Black)
H2O Audio TRI Multi-Sport Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones

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