Harley Davidson is Offering In-Helmet Audio Solution Powered By Rockford Fosgate

Harley Davidson Starts Offering In-Helmet Audio Solution Powered By Rockford Fosgate

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Motorcyclists looking for in-helmet audio solutions have always been neglected when it comes to high-performance systems. Not anymore! Rockford Fosgate, an industry leader in high-end audio systems, has recently announced that they will now offer a wireless headset solution for Harley Davidson helmets.

With the release of this wireless in-helmet audio system, riders will now have an option to choose all of the good stuff that Rockford Fosgate has to offer. But what exactly does Rockford Fosgate is offering? Nothing but premium sound and a stellar audio listening experience.

Nonetheless, the wireless kit that Harley Davidson is offering at the moment is fully compatible with the three-quarter and full helmets with speaker cutouts. Thanks to direct compatibility, installation should be a breeze for the end-user.

Harley Davidson Starts Offering In-Helmet Audio Solution Powered By Rockford Fosgate
Harley-Davidson will offer a premium Rockford Fosgate wireless speaker kit as an in-helmet audio solution.

On that note, the kit utilizes 40 mm speakers that boast highly efficient neodymium magnet motor structures. Such a structure will not only make these speakers light in weight but also highly capable of providing leading audio output. 

These speakers also feature a foam housing that has Harley Davidson laser-cut shield and bar on the front. They will enhance the overall comfort. There is a fly-cut aluminum logo of Rockford Fosgate on the back that will make the entire kit look sleek and improve the overall outlook of the helmet.

Riders are sure to get the world-class listening experience out of this kit. Rockford Fosgate has integrated four custom tuned profiles to ensure the best overall listening experience. BIkers will also find a custom voice tune that will provide a crystal clear voice listening experience.

Now, all of these options might give you the impression that the kit will be pretty hard to use. Things are exactly the opposite! Using the Sena Motorcycle app, it will be possible to smoothly switch from one profile to another. This app integration will basically make sure that you get a top-notch user experience.

There will be no need to worry about the availability as well. This wireless kit will be available on the official Harley Davidson site. Riders can also pick the wireless headset speakers up from Harley Davidson dealerships.

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