Henley Audio Becomes the Official Distributor of Premium Audio Company’s Pioneer and Onkyo in the UK

Henley Audio

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Premium Audio Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation, has appointed Henley Audio to distribute audio solutions for Pioneer and Onkyo in the UK.

But this appointment is more than what it tells on the surface. The exclusive distributor position of Onkyo and Pioneer made Henley Audio showcase its confidence in the UK. 

In case you did not know, the brand is already the official UK distributor of speaker brands. That includes the Jamo and Klipsch, which are from Premium Audio Company.

Henley Audio Becomes the Official Distributor of Pioneer and Onkyo
Source: Henley Audio

Not to mention, Henley Audio has over 25 years of experience in the HiFi and AV product distribution field. No wonder why Premium Audio Company did not think of any other distributor for Onkyo and Pioneer in the UK.

On that note, Premium Audio Company acquired the Integra and Onkyo brands in its joint venture with Sharp back in September 2021. Through VOXX, the brand has established a distribution and licensing agreement with Pioneer Corporation.

The joint venture includes all responsibility and intellectual property for the product development, sales, engineering, marketing, and distribution of the home entertainment business of Onkyo.

Sharp, on the other hand, assumed all manufacturing of these productions. That includes a large number of stereo, HiFi components, and AV receivers under Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra, and Pioneer Elite brands.

Henley Audio Becomes the Official Distributor of Pioneer and Onkyo
Source: Henley Audio

According to the  Chief Executive Officer and President of Premium Audio Company, “Demand for Onkyo, Integra, and Pioneer products has been very high, and we expect this to intensify in the coming years.”

He also added that they have been working closely with Sharp in order to ramp up the production scale. 

And according to him, the business has grown significantly after the acquisition. Meaning that Premium Audio Company is growing every day.

The President further assured that the company has big plans for Onkyo and all the other brands.

Henley Audio Becomes the Official Distributor of Pioneer and Onkyo
Source: Henley Audio

And as they are increasing production and expanding their distribution, such as with Henley Audio in the UK, the company is firm on getting double sales in the near term.

According to the Sales Director of Henley Audio, Nick Fuller, “The addition of the Onkyo and Pioneer brands to the Henley Audio lineup is tremendous news for all, including dealers and their customers.”

He further added that the lineup of Premium Audio Company is already highly potent. And when you factor in the classic Japanese marques, including the Jamo and Klipsch brands, the proposition becomes much more compelling. 

He finished by stating, “We are thrilled to help bring Onkyo and Pioneer back to the fore where they belong.”

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