HMV x Henley Audio and Pro-Ject Audio: The 100th Anniversary Limited Edition of Pro-Ject T1

HMV x Henley Audio and Pro-Ject Audio

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HMV has just hit the Centenary mark! And what better way would it be to celebrate 100 years of releasing great audio devices than to release a limited edition turntable? 

However, this is not just any other limited edition turntable that you might have come into. Instead, it is an upgrade for one that HMV already has in their lineup.

The model that the 100th-anniversary model is upgrading is the Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB. And for the upgrade, HMV has partnered with Henley Audio and Pro-Ject Audio. 

HMV x Henley Audio and Pro-Ject Audio
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

Nonetheless, the first noticeable upgrade is the design. The upgraded version of the Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB will come with a sleek black design along with a Nipper Dog and HMV Centenary logos. 

On that note, Nipper is the mascot of the retailer. Titled ‘His Master’s Voice,’ a painting from Francis Barraud, which originated in 1898, depicts Nipper, his brother’s dog, listening to a phonograph. 

Barraud sold the painting, with all of its copyright, to the Gramophone Company, now known as EMI. The picture sold for £100. Later in 1910, the Gramophone Company registered copyright of the name ‘His Master’s Voice.’ And in 1921, the company opened its first-ever dedicated store at 363 Oxford Street.

HMV x Henley Audio and Pro-Ject Audio
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

Nonetheless, the new turntable also comes with a CNC-machined plinth, and it has no plastic part on it. As HMV and Henley Audio have gone through a careful manufacturing process, there are no hollow spaces on the inside. That will make the turntable eliminate the chances of unwanted vibrations occurring within the chassis.

The same thing is applicable to the rest of the design. It comes with a reasonably heavy glass platter, eventually achieving a zero-resonance form. Finally, the turntable from HMV and Henley Audio comes with unique feet. That is there to isolate the motor vibration from ambient vibrations that might be around the HiFi system.

According to the Managing Director of HMV and Fopp, Phil Halliday, “Over the past five years, our turntable range has grown substantially, offering every collector – from the casual listener to audiophile – a listening experience that works for them.”

The CEO of Pro-Ject, Heinz Lichtenegger, said “We are delighted to be supporting HMV in their 100th Anniversary celebrations. They have a philosophy that is synonymous with good quality audio, evidenced by their amazing music catalogue, so what better way to partner with them in their centenary year than with a high-quality turntable?” 

HMV x Henley Audio and Pro-Ject Audio
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

Heinz added, “When you buy the HMV T1 Phono SB, you are buying a piece of history, but also a turntable that will play your records in true hi-fi stereo for the best listening experience for years to come.”

That said, the 100th Anniversary model is a Limited Edition, which means there will not be too many out there. In fact, HMV and Henley Audio plan to release only 300. And as it is a collectors edition, it is priced a little bit higher than the original version. The item will cost you £399.99.

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