Huge Sale Alert: Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet is 50% Off!

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet

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The Amazon Fire 7 Kids has to be one of the most kid-friendly tablets out there. Not only does it have a kid-centric design, but it also comes with proper software tweaks. 

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Fire 7 Kids tablets offer a full-feature tablet experience.

As a result, you get complete parental control, and the kids get entertainment just how they want it.

But, yes, the tablet did not debut with an appealing price tag. That is probably the reason why it did not get much popularity. But this 50% deal changes everything. 

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet
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Not only will you be getting a tremendous children-friendly tablet, but for the discount, the tablet will even come at a stellar price! Want to know what’s so good about the Amazon Fire 7 Kids? 

Parental controls have to be the main highlight of the tablet. It features an exclusive Parent Dashboard, letting you filter out content based on your child’s age. 

You can set educational goals and time limits too! But that’s not everything; the Parent Dashboard also has the ability to block apps. 

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet
Source: Amazon

That means you can choose whether you want to grant access to entertainment apps such as Disney+ and Netflix to your children or not.

As you can guess, because it is a kid’s tablet, Amazon has prioritized the overall build quality. The Amazon Fire 7 Kids comes with a rugged kid-proof case. 

This sturdy shell will ensure the tablet does not break or shatter when your kid drops it. The case works like a charm in preventing scratches too.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet
Source: Amazon

Besides that, your kid will be quite happy with the battery backup of the Amazon Fire 7 Kids. It can offer up to 10 hours of video playback time. 

That means one charge will be more than enough to keep your children busy throughout the day. The tablet is pretty fast too. 

It comes with a quad-core processor that can handle the most demanding streaming apps without dropping any sweat. 

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet
Source: Amazon

The tablet is even capable of multi-tasking, thanks to its 2GB of RAM. So, you can expect your kid not to complain about the tablet’s performance.

In addition to that, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids comes in two storage options. Depending on how many files you think your kid will keep, you can choose either the 16 GB variant or the tablet. 

And if you feel the internal space will not be enough, you can install a 1TB microSD card on the dedicated slot.

So, you should take advantage of this deal if you are looking for a portable entertainment device that’s perfect for your kid. You will be getting a lot more for a lot less!

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Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet

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