[Hurry Up] 30% Off on Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam

Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam

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The Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam is one of the smart security devices that’s subscription-free. That means you will not need to pay anything extra to access the basic security features. 

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eufy security S200 Outdoor Cam

Privacy and protection are Eufy’s top priorities. Both are integral to its daily operations and to implementing measures that ensure your data is always safe.

So, getting the whole home under coverage with the security cam becomes pretty easy and cost-effective. Well, if you have been planning to do that, there’s good news for you. The S200 Outdoor Cam is currently on sale. 

You can take 30% off its regular price by grabbing the deal immediately. Still not convinced about the features of the security camera?

Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam
Source: Eufy

Let’s get back to the subscription-free security feature. On-device storage will ensure you can record the footage that matters. 

So, with it, the S200 Outdoor Cam offers worry-free surveillance without any monthly fees. You don’t have to go through any hassles when installing the security camera. 

It has a straightforward and flexible installation process. You will find a 20-foot cable that will let you quickly hook it up to any location in the outdoor area. 

Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam
Source: Eufy

Also, the installation will not require complex steps as the cam comes with a magnetic mount. On the note of setting up the Eufy Security security camera in the outdoor area, the camera’s housing has an IP67 rating

That basically states that the camera will withstand harsh weather without any issues. So, you can expect it to last for a prolonged time without showing any hardware issues.

You will be completely free to integrate the camera into your smart home ecosystem. It has support for both Alexa and Google Assistant

Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam
Source: Eufy

Also, it has a smart notification system that can alert you when an event occurs that needs your attention. The Eufy Security S200 also packs a powerful on-device AI. 

This AI will process the data within the device, further enhancing the camera’s security. The on-device data processing also ends up offering faster decision-making results and lower external errors. 

You can expect the camera to accurately alert you when something is wrong. Besides that, the camera sensor of the Eufy Security S200 is pretty praiseworthy. 

Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam
Source: Eufy

It has full-color night vision support at a distance of 3m. Also, thanks to the built-in spotlight, the camera will be able to pick up most of the details during nighttime.

That said, if you are looking for specific specs, the sensor of the camera can offer 1080p resolution video

Eufy Security S200 Outdoor Cam has 130 degrees FOV, enabling you to easily see most of the area around the outdoor space. And for night vision, it relies on IR and Color.

eufy Security Outdoor Cam E210, All-in-One Security Camera with 1080p Resolution, Spotlight, Color Night Vision, No Monthly Fees, Wired Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Motion Only Alert
eufy security S200 Outdoor Cam

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