iFi Zen One Signature: The Only DAC You Will Ever Need

ZEN One Sig FI

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iFi, the award-winning brand, expanding its Zen Signature range with a brand new Zen One Signature. iFi has already declared that this new DAC will be the only premium DAC you will need for all your devices. This “universal DAC” has been reported to take the DAC stage from Zen DAC V2. Also, the One takes Bluetooth from ZEN Blue V2.

With S/PDIF inputs (optical and coaxial), USB ports, Signature-grade circuit enhancements Zen One Signature takes the credit for becoming a pure DAC with having a built-in headphone amp. As a result, One creates the ultimate home audio hub for you by connecting all the digital devices. 

iFi’s Zen One Signature converts digital audio signals to analog that later will be transferred to an external device such as headphones, amplifiers, or speakers. The transfer of signal can be made via sources like Bluetooth or cables. 

Users can easily include digital devices like smartphones, Macs, PCs, Consols, and many more to enjoy a home audio system equivalent experience. The Zen One Signature model also includes a Burr-Brown DAC chipset-based digital engine. The listening experience gets better with a low-latency, 16-core XMOS microcontroller. iFi claimed that XMOS firmware was developed in-house to ensure audio quality and better collaboration with Burr-Brown DAC.

iFi Zen One Signature
iFi’s Zen One Signature(Backside)

Zen One Signature comes with a wider range Bluetooth v5.1-compliant. This enhances the stability and performance much better than older versions. Both pairing and switching between multiple devices are really easy. 

The device includes hi-res: DSD256, PCM384, MQA384kHz, Bluetooth 96KHz which is first in the Zen DAC range. Get a balanced 4.4mm output. The DAC design is quite pure with no volume control or headphone amp. 

You will also love the extra special performances like:

  • Low-jitter femto clock crystal provides >20dB performance
  • MELF resistors – high-precision and low-noise
  • High-gain antenna for extended range

The low-noise ICs offered by Texas Instruments come up with unity-gain bandwidth, low noise and distortion, higher output drive capability, Common-mode, and Power Supply Rejection Ratios over 100 dB, wide maximum-output-swing bandwidths, and higher slew rates.

The DAC design is finished with a Deep Space Blue 158x35x100mm aluminum enclosure. There are power buttons, color-changing LEDs at the front whereas the back comes up with an asynchronous USB Type B port and two S/PDIF inputs – optical and coaxial.

The bottom line is the Zen One Signature is a single powerhouse for your home audio systems with ultra-low noise iPower2 DC power supply and many other features within an affordable pricing range. 

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