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Introducing Acer Halo Swing Futuristic Smart Speaker

Acer Halo Swing

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Wouldn’t it be great to jam to music from a portable speaker with glowing lights on it? Well, Acer Halo Swing is here to offer you that. 

It is a smart speaker with RGB lights and a simple display that can keep you updated about weather, alerts, and many others.

The older Halo speakers of Acer already had a touch of uniqueness to them. They stood out a lot for their one-of-a-kind appearance. But this time, Acer took things to a different level.

Acer Halo Swing
Source: Acer

The brand-new Acer Halo Swing smart speaker comes with an RGB-lit base, which can emanate colorful lights. 

This RGB base will come in handy in multiple situations. For example, it could act like a light source for a dimmed room. Likewise, it can be a mood light for your room.

Another great thing about the RGB-lit base is that the lights respond to the beat of the music. That makes the Halo Swing a perfect choice for a small party. 

Acer Halo Swing
Source: Acer

Also, the lights change colors when you are interacting with the speaker. On the note of interaction, you can use Google Assistant on the Acer Halo Swing. 

And it even comes with an LED dot display panel. Thanks to that, you can keep yourself updated with messages, emails, and events. 

With Google Assistant, you can even make the speaker do many things with voice commands.

Acer Halo Swing
Source: Acer

Furthermore, the smart speaker is also customizable. With the Acer Halo app, you can make the dot LCD display premade messages. And if you want to, you can even make it output images.

Like the other Acer Halo speakers, the Swing has 360-degree speakers. This will enable you to get sound all around the room. 

For amping up your parties, you can pair it up with other devices and make the speakers offer an immersive sound.

Besides, the Acer Halo Swing is highly portable. It comes with a detachable leather strap, allowing you to easily carry it around.

Acer Halo Swing
Source: Acer

And thanks for having an IPX5 rating; it will be possible for you to take the speaker outside even when it is raining lightly.

Other than that, the battery of the Acer Halo Swing can last for up to 10 hours. Now, this runtime means you can easily listen to your favorite playlists throughout the day. 

As it features a USB-C charging dock, it will be easy for you to charge it up when the battery goes to zero.

That said, Acer is yet to announce the official launch date of Halon Swing. But you can definitely expect it to hit the stores in the upcoming weeks.

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