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iPad Finally Gets the YouTube Music Redesign

YouTube Music

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The YouTube Music app for Android got a major redesign a few years back. With the upgrade, the app offered a Now Playing screen and plenty of other features that were not present in the previous versions. 

iPhone got the update last year. And after almost two years, the upgrade finally came to the YouTube Music app for iPad.

But the thing is, delays regarding versions of apps for different platforms are not something unheard of. 

YouTube Music
Source: Jumpstory

For example, the iPhone YouTube Music redesign came a year later. The same story is for many different apps out there. However, two years is a long time. But, YouTube might not be the one to blame here.

The thing is, Apple is pretty strict about making apps function just like how they want to on the iPad. So, the iPad does not have any official calculator app. 

A simple calculator app not getting support from the first-party developer might not make sense. But you should understand that every app on the iPad has something unique to it. It’s not just a scaled-up version. 

Instead, according to Apple, iPad needs a new design to make apps feel like they are meant to be run on the iPad.

YouTube Music
Source: Jumpstory

That said, you might be wondering what is new for the YouTube Music app on iPad. First of all, the album cover art is gigantic. 

And you can tap on this exceptionally large album art to share what you are listening to at the moment. It will be possible to initiate the download option or add the song to the playlist by tapping the cover.

Furthermore, the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down button sits right next to the artist and the song’s title. And for the playback controls, those are right below the album cover. If you carry out a quick swipe up or swipe down on the screen, you can bring the Next queue songs up.

Now, although you can swipe right and left to change the track on Android, on iPad, that feature is missing from the app. The Android app version’s two-column design is also missing. 

YouTube Music
Source: Jumpstory

It shows the queue next to the controls. Basically, the app just got updated according to the standards of the iPad, regardless if that means missing out on a few features or not.

On that note, many might think that Google was trying to push people to Android by delaying this update. And they would think that missing features explain the same thing. Now, this theory can also be true.

However, you can not forget that Apple has its own way of doing things for the iPad. That is why iPadOS is a thing.

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