Jabra Engage 55: The Ultimate Portable Headset for True Professionals

Jabra Engage 55

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The Engage 55 is the newest model in Jabra‘s Engage series, a leader in personal sound and workplace solutions. The latest headset, designed to improve your communications, features the most significant DECT security featuring military-grade 256-bit encryption with noise-canceling technology. 

It also has an extended wireless range, allowing hybrid call employees to make calls whenever and wherever they want, pushing the boundaries of ‘walk and talk.’

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Jabra Engage 55
Image Credit: Jabra

The Jabra Engage 55 is the latest DECT wireless professional headphone with excellent call quality. It has increased noise-canceling technology and audio performance, allowing more personnel to hold meetings in the same place without interfering. 

The Engage 55 also has the highest level of security of any set of headphones on the market, making it suitable for anyone working in various industries, whether remotely or otherwise.

With virtual meetings becoming more common, it’s more important than ever for employees to be heard and to communicate freely with coworkers or customers without ever being interrupted or getting their voices muffled. 

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Jabra Engage 55
Image Credit: Jabra

As a result, the Jabra Engage 55 has a noise-canceling and voice-enhancement microphone that eliminates background noise while keeping your voice crystal clear for more engaging conversations.

Additionally, Engage 55 provides extra hearing protection. Speech level normalization is a feature of Jabra SafeTone 2.0TM that allows the user to modify the volume level of incoming calls as per their preferences. 

The headset also has adaptive acoustic shock protection, decreasing potentially dangerous noise levels while maintaining audio quality. It also has PeakStop at 105 dB, which prevents unexpected intense sounds from being heard, and BalancedVoiceTM, which processes incoming sound to make it more transparent without turning up the volume.

Additional features on the Engage 55 make it the safest commercial wireless headset on the market.

The connectivity between the headset and the wireless adapter is DECT Security Level C certified, making it ultra-secure. It also has FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption methods to prevent conversation eavesdropping effectively.

The Engage 55 has a broad wireless range for additional mobility. Jabra claimed Engage 55 ranges up to 150 meters/490 feet, giving employees the flexibility to move around their home or business without sacrificing call quality.

The headset offers a link 400 USB DECT adaptor, which is larger and more stable when plugged in. The adapter is more advanced than its competitors, but it is also built to last.

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Jabra Engage 55
Image Credit: Jabra

The headset’s lightweight design also offers a custom fit with movable ear cups for all-day comfort. There are several different wearing styles to choose from, including stereo, mono, and convertible. 

Jabra Engage 55 is pre-paired out of the box with a visible status light, which indicates to your surroundings whether you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed, preventing any complications with setup. 

All leading  Contact Center platforms and Unified Communications, including MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Unify, Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Avaya, Unify, and Alcatel Lucent, is compatible with the new Engage headset.

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