Jabra is Launching the Latest Hearing Enhancement Buds for Clearer Conversations This Month

Jabra is Launching the Latest Hearing Enhancement Buds for Clearer Conversations This Month

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The news is confirmed! Jabra is launching Jabra Enhance™ Plus earbuds in the U.S on February 25. The company declared that the earbud will be the first of its kind in a specialized earbud section. Consumers can now enjoy clearer conversation thanks to Jabra’s newly engineered hearing enhancement technology.

It will be available this month at a retail price of $799. The earbud will be only available at hearing care clinics. Jabra ensured the highest standards during the engineering phases. Jabra enhance plus has been reported to follow the ‘self-fit hearing aid regulation’ regulated under FDA. So we can say that it is a 510(k)-cleared earbud under the self-fitting hearing aid category. However, the ‘OTC Hearing Aid’ regulation is still in draft stages. 

In terms of design and convenience, Jabra Enhance Plus will be nothing less than a regular true wireless earbud. As the Jabra engineers combine hearing technology with the design, it will surely help a large American population to address hearing issues. Experts believe that Jabra can become the first step for Americans with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to start their ‘hearing health journey.’

Jabra enhance plus battery charge
Jabra Enhance Plus will ensure 10-hour battery backup on a single charge

The earbud is reported to have a 40% reduced size than the regular small TWS we see in the market. This is an additional advantage for the users since smaller sizes can ensure better comfort. Furthermore, music lovers will be able to experience higher quality music in addition to better call quality. Jabra is predicting that Enhance plus should be the most desirable earbud in and out of the ear for its audiences. 

To keep the earbud ahead of the competition, Jabra will add a powerful 10-hour battery life. And the battery life is for a single charge. 50 million consumers with hearing loss across the U.S can also enjoy the dust and water resistance features of Enhance Plus. All they need is to install the Jabra Enhance App to enjoy a smooth performance.

Jabra CEO René Svendsen-Tune says, “When the new OTC regulation comes into effect, we look forward to be there to help people with solutions that provide better situational hearing as well as music and calls in modern and stylish designs.”

The Jabra Enhance Plus is rolling out in the U.S market in February this year but the company has an intention to grab the international markets. However, it is only possible after the local Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid regulations take place in the U.S. According to the latest reports, hearing loss has been identified as a major untreated health issue in the U.S right now. Health enthusiasts assume that Jabra’s initiative to provide a solution to hearing problems will be widely accepted in the American market very soon.

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