Jabra Speak2: Latest Speakerphone for Professionals

Jabra Speak2

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Jabra has just announced its brand new professional speakerphone lineup. Named the Jabra Speak2, the series has market-leading professional and pocketable portable devices that are all about hybrid work.

The lineup basically has three brand-new devices, which include Speak2 75, 55, and 40. And they all aim to meet the current demands of hybrid work. So, what does the range aims to meet? 

In case you didn’t notice, most of the meetings these days are either fully remote or hybrid. These hybrid meetings will often require workers to handle direct calls, stream media, carry out presentations, and many more. 

Jabra Speak2
Source: Jabra

The Jabra Speak2 range aims to let the workers go through them all with ease. And Jabra is not a new name in the professional device category. 

It has been a long-lasting leader in the market and has a record of selling more than 9 million speakerphones worldwide. 

Jabra utilized that experience and pushed its limits with the Speak2 range. With a Jabra Speak2 device, you can expect a fully mobile and futureproof speakerphone that will deliver professional sound quality. 

Jabra Speak2
Source: Jabra

Also, sound quality is one of the important considerations. It can dictate whether you can grasp all the info of the meetings correctly.

However, sound quality is not the only thing the Jabra Speak2 range excels at. The devices will also ensure that you are being listened to. 

Jabra designed all the products to go beyond the current speakerphone performance. And for that, it has integrated full duplex audio.

Jabra Speak2
Source: Jabra

As a result, with the Jabra Speak2 devices, conducting a natural two-way meeting session will become easier. Jabra has also integrated cutting-edge Voice Level Normalization technology. 

Combined with the state-of-the-art beamforming microphones, the Speak2 55, 40, and 75 will perfectly eliminate background noise.

Jabra did not back down in terms of quality either. All the speakerphones of the Jabra Speak2 series feature a premium build quality. 

Jabra Speak2
Source: Jabra

The products even have a 100% sustainable fabric. Such a build quality will not only enhance durability but also will offer outstanding comfort.

On that note, the speakerphones also come with an IP64 rating. That means you will not need to worry about dust and water entering the internals. 

Also, you have a choice in terms of connectivity. The Jabra Speak2 40 features a USB cable, while the Speak2 75 or 55 can go wireless. 

Jabra Speak2
Source: Jabra

Furthermore, the range is fully compatible with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other leading solutions.

According to Aurangzeb Khan, SVP for Collaboration Solutions at Jabra, “Sound clarity is fundamental when looking to ensure all employees feel included in hybrid meetings. Therefore, Jabra decided to take on the challenge of re-engineering the world-leading Jabra Speak series for better performance and optimized experiences.”

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