JBL Endurance, Tune, and Vibe at CES 2023

JBL Endurance, Tune, and Vibe at CES 2023

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JBL has basically gone wild at CES 2023. The audio specialist has just announced seven different True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds. 

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JBL Vibe 200TWS

Music just sounds better with JBL. And your day too. Feel the sound with the deep bass powered by the 8mm drivers and add fun to your routine.

And the great part about all of them is that they reside in three different price ranges. But most importantly, the ranges contain great affordable buds.

First, you have the Tune range. It is the brand’s take on the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) wireless earbuds. 

JBL Endurance, Tune, and Vibe at CES 2023
JBL Endurance; Source: JBL

The Tune lineup comes with Tune Flex, Tune Beam, and Tune Buds. And the pairs of Tune buds come well within the budget range.

In other words, you will not have to spend a lot to get proper ANC buds from JBL. However, JBL did not skimp any corners with the Tune range.

For example, the Tune Buds, which is an entry-level offering, comes with 10 mm drivers and features IP54 water and dust resistance. 

Most importantly, the buds can offer up to 40 hours of battery life. Then, you have the Tune Beam buds, which feature an AirPods Pro-like design. 

JBL Endurance, Tune, and Vibe at CES 2023
JBL Tune Flex; Source: JBL

It comes with 6 mm drivers and the same IP54 rating as the JBL Tune Buds. And like its little brother, it offers up to 40 hours of run time.

Also, there is the Tune Flex Buds. It is much like the standard Apple AirPods. However, it has ANC and an IPX4 rating. It can offer up to 24 hours of playtime with the case. 

And the great part about all the Tune buds is that they come with four built-in microphones and boast Bluetooth 5.3.

JBL Endurance, Tune, and Vibe at CES 2023
JBL Vibe 200TWS; Source: JBL

The second new lineup of JBL is the Vibe, which is a lineup of non-ANC earbuds. Like the Tune, there are three different products within the range. 

There are the Vibe Buds, Vibe Flex, and Vibe Beam. Each of them can offer up to 32 hours of battery life with the case. And they all boast an IP54 rating.

However, the most significant part about the Vibe range is that they are cheaper than the Tune lineup. That makes each of the buds an excellent pick for budget TWS earbuds.

JBL Endurance, Tune, and Vibe at CES 2023
JBL Vibe 200TWS; Source: JBL

The seventh new earbud of JBL is a little different than the TWS buds of the Vibe and Tune. It is within the Endurance range. And it is a pair of sports earbuds that will take your workout game to the next level.

The JBL Endurance Peak 3 boasts 10 mm drivers, up to 50 hours of playtime, four built-in microphones, and an IP68 water and dust resistance rating. All of these make up a perfect recipe for great workout earbuds.

JBL Vibe 200TWS True Wireless Earbuds - Black
JBL Vibe 200TWS

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