KEF R Series MAT at Sevenoaks Bristol!

KEF R Series MAT

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The recently announced KEF R Series MAT is ready for making its first public UK demonstration. And KEF is planning to showcase its brand-new series with a bang. The series is going live at Sevenoaks Bristol! Don’t really know how big the Sevenoaks Bristol is? 

It is an event that is hosted by the retail partner of KEF. And for this year, it is planned to take place in Bristol on 24th and 25th February, which are Friday and Saturday respectively.

And if you are at the show, you will be able to witness the technological innovations that the KEF R Series MAT has to bring to the table. 

KEF R Series MAT
R11; Source: KEF

In fact, you will even be able to get in-store demos throughout the weekend. So, if you are visiting the Bristol HiFi show anytime soon, make time for the event! Wondering what technological innovations is exactly in store for the demonstration? 

Well, the MAT from the KEF R Series stands for Metamaterial Absorption Technology. At its core, it is a circular maze-like disc. It sits at the back of the speakers’ Uni-Q driver array (12th Generation).

Most importantly, the MAT is designed to absorb 99 percent of the unwanted sound and vibrations from the rear of the tweeter. That will eventually result in a much clear and better sound output.

KEF R Series MAT
R2; Source: KEF

In fact, according to KEF, whether it is for a home theater set or in a stereo setup, the R Series MAT will not fail to amaze you with its sound performance. 

You will be well set o get an exceptional acoustic performance that will be in a more accessible form. With the Metamaterial Absorption Technology, KEF R Series MAT will reveal exquisite detail and offer you incredible insight into your favorite tracks. 

The experience will be truly something that you can savor. In short, you will be unlocking doorways to a brand-new music-listening experience.

KEF R Series MAT
R7; Source: KEF

So, even if you are not interested in getting a new set of loudspeakers, you should not miss the chance to experience them in the Sevenoaks Bristol show.

On that note, KEF plans to bring out more speakers for demonstration along with the KEF R Series MAT. That includes The Reference and the flagship range of KEF. 

KEF R Series MAT
R8; Source: KEF

And these are the speakers from whom KEF got the technologies for the R series MAT. So you can experience the source of MAT first-hand.

In short, the show is going to be packed. You will not be able to witness KEF R Series MAT and many other great speakers from KEF.

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