Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers Launched

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers

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There are tons of different speakers in the lineup of Klipsch. However, it will be hard for you to find subwoofers that match the Reference Premiere speakers

Well, thanks to the recent announcement from Klipsch, that will soon change. Yes, Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers that fit the Premiere speakers are on their way!

That said, it is not like the new subwoofers match the speakers in terms of just the outlooks. The new subwoofers also aim to offer premium performance. 

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers
Source: Klipsch

Klipsch designed them to be hyper-efficient, providing optimal balance between the cabinet volume, driver capability, and amplifier power. All four Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers also come with front-firing spun copper Cerametallic woofer. 

This unit promises to deliver a low-frequency response with an extremely low level of distortion. There is a built-in amplifier too. It has a high-efficiency rating and features an analog preamp design.

On that note, the analog preamp design maintains the original signal path. That enables the new Reference Premiere subwoofers to offer great overall sound performance.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers
Source: Klipsch

Other than that, the Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers come with a Class D output stage. It is there to make sure that the subwoofers offer maximum efficiency with maximum detail. The Class D output stage also ensures smooth low-frequency power.

The Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers have a proprietary internal geometry with a new Aerofoil slot port. This specific design minimizes the noise level for clean low-frequency performance.

In terms of input ports, you will find RCA and WA-2 wireless inputs, which you can use simultaneously. Doing so will enable a single unit of the Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers to connect with multiple speaker systems in the room.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers
Source: Klipsch

The Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers do not back out one bit regarding the overall outlook and build quality. 

The woofers come with an ebony vinyl finish, which looks like real wood. This finish covers the entire cabinet, giving the overall unit a high-end look.

Besides, the units feature rounded corners, steel grille posts, woven cloth grille, and shock-absorbing rubber feet. 

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers
Source: Klipsch

All these factors make up for a well-rounded woofer unit offering a premium outlook. Looking forward to getting your hands on one of the Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers? 

You should note that there are four models available.  The RP-1600SW has a 1600W of peak power and a 16-inch woofer, RP-1400SW has 1000W of peak power and a 14-inch woofer, RP-1200SW has 800W of peak power and a 12-inch woofer, and finally, RP-1000SW has 600W of peak power and 10-inch woofer.

Each of the models comes at a different price point. And you can get them all in UK stores, starting from March to April 2023. They will be exclusively distributed by Henley Audio.

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