Linn has Introduced New Modular Product Upgrades to the Selekt DSM Ecosystem

Linn Selekt DSM

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For decades, Linn has been offering products that can be upgraded over time. And as technology is advancing at a rapid pace these days, this is one of the biggest sustainability-focused moves a company can make. 

Now it seems like the products’ upgradability trait will show a new level. Linn has announced a new Selekt DSM, which has an “Edition Hub” suffix. 

And according to the brand, it will outperform not only the Akurate DS and DSM but also the previous generation flagship, the Klimax DSM. But how is Linn making such a bold statement?

Linn Selekt DSM
Selekt DSM; Source: Linn

Well, the new Selekt DSM: Edition Hub comes with Organik DAC. This DAC is the core of all the performance upgrades. Nonetheless, this new DSM will replace the Akurate DS and DSM range. 

And DAC upgrade is not the only thing that Linn is introducing with the new DSM; there is so much more! You will find a superior-quality, luxurious, and higher-performance enclosure variant for the new DSM. 

So, what will happen to the original DSM Chassis? So, Linn has renamed the chassis from 2018 to Selekt DSM – Classic Hub to make things easier for the buyers.

Linn Selekt DSM
Selekt DSM; Source: Linn

This new luxurious chassis has four plates, which are rigidly plated together. Linn has aligned the side pieces with the base by relying on pins.

There are four long bolts that are subsequently torqued in for a rigid overall fix. These bolts also enhance the finish and fit of the chassis.

The primary vent of the Edition Hub has precise cuts on it. These cuts are not there just for design appeal. 

Linn Selekt DSM
Selekt DSM; Source: Linn

Along with that, the cuts play a crucial role in terms of heat management. The vent is evocative of a wave, with each aperture cut at an angle and only every second one machined through.

Furthermore, the Edition Hub comes with a much-improved control dial. Linn has refined it for precision. This turned stainless-steel bearing will ensure tactile and silky rotation, which will make adjustments easy.

Linn Selekt DSM
Selekt DSM; Source: Linn

To make the dial unique, the brand has integrated a steel halo around the edge. It has one hundred individual LEDs and will illuminate a sharp light through the dial. The all-glass fascia that is present on the Edition Hub is of a mirrored spyglass.

This fascia has a large-format display that is concealed behind the spyglass. It will offer all the info that you need. But it will offer the information when you need it. At other times, the display will fade into total invisibility mode.

Lastly, there are tons of connections on the Edition Hub. The back panel will ensure that you can make the DSM receive, process, and deliver audio from any source. That includes CD players, turntables, and other digital connection modes.

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