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Lively and Jabra Introduces The One-Stop Destination for Hearing Aids

Lively and Jabra Introduces Jabraenhance

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The telehealth market is growing fast. And after GN acquired Livey back in 2021, it has been one of the bearers of the leading torch in the market. 

But now, GN is larger than ever as it has just expanded Jabra’s Enhance hearing range. It will now include Lively, a leader in hearing solutions.

Lively will now be known as Jabra Enhance and will have a new website, At its core, it aims to be the right destination for offering better hearing devices. 

Lively and Jabra Introduces Jabra Enhance
Select 200; Source: Jabra Enhance

It will enable consumers to explore, purchase, and get their hearing care while being in the comfort of their homes.

According to the CEO of Lively, Adam Karp, “We are thrilled to team up with Jabra as a global pioneer in audio innovation for 150 years of sound engineering to shape the future of online hearing care.”

He further assured that the mission of Lively will stay the same, even though it has just been rebranded. That is, they will strive to bring great innovations and offer convenient hearing care models to all their customers. 

Lively and Jabra Introduces Jabra Enhance
Source: Jabra Enhance

But with the rebrand, the plan is to accelerate the effort of Lively to elevate the hearing care experience. The rebranding will also let Lively reach millions of Americans who need the perfect hearing solutions. 

According to Jabra’s Senior Vice President, “The introduction of Jabra Enhance comes at a pivotal time in the hearing health industry.”

The Vice President also added that Jabra is now the right place for enhanced earbuds and OTC hearing aids. So, this rebranding has also made the audio giant make a massive leap.

Lively and Jabra Introduces Jabra Enhance
Select 50; Source: Jabra Enhance

So, what about the current hearing aid technologies of Lively? They will still continue to thrive. But they will now be rebranded as Jabra Enhance Select 200, Select 100, and Select 50.

The same thing is applicable to the Lively Connect app. It will now be known as Jabra Enhance Select. However, those are not the only good news this rebranding has to offer. 

The Audiology Team of Lively stated that they will now offer a 100-day risk-free trial, flexible warranty, and payment options for the Enhance lineup.

Lively and Jabra Introduces Jabra Enhance
Source: Jabra Enhance

The new Enhance Plus hearing enhancement earbuds will be available on the website in Q1 of 2023, which will be the first OTC offering of the Jabra Enhance.

GN has been passionately working to help people who have hearing loss. And with, GN is starting a new journey in the hearing health market.

And considering the fact that 1 in 5 people can be benefited from getting a hearing aid today, this step will surely make hearing loss devices more accessible to Americans.

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