Loewe Has Launched the Compact Bild V.48 OLED: A Class-Leading Picture Quality in a Compact Packaging

Loewe Bild V.48 OLED

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The German audio-visual pioneer, Loewe Technology, has launched the bild v.48. This new model offers class-leading picture quality in a small and compact size. Thanks to that, you don’t need to worry about not having enough room anymore.

The Loewe bild V.48 is basically the perfect companion for the all-new Sky Stream. It is for Sky Stream users looking for a small-sized monitor but does not want to sacrifice one bit in terms of picture quality.

This new monitor boasts an SL5 chassis that comes with a dual multi-tuner and dual channel. You will also find a 4K OLED panel and an SX8 Quad Core processor. 

Loewe Bild V.48 OLED
Source: Loewe

By having HLG and HDR10, the panel can ensure a maximum contrast range. So, the picture quality and content-watching experience will be top-notch on the Loewe bild V.48.

So, what about the sound quality? Well, the Loewe bild V.48 has your back in that regard. It comes with a soundbar that has six divers. 

These drivers drive a total of 80 watts of total music power and can provide an immersive and neutral sound. There is a closed bass reflex box present too.

Loewe Bild V.48 OLED
Source: Loewe

For the room-filling sound that the bild V.48 can give you a deep dive into immersive content. The drivers properly enhance the speech of the content. 

And the best part is that the sound quality does not degrade even if you set the device up in a large room.

However, if you do not like how the drivers sound, you have the Mimi Sound Personalization. That will allow you to customize the sound according to your preference. 

Loewe Bild V.48 OLED
Source: Loewe

It even offers options that will prioritize your hearing health. So, you will not have any complaints in the sound department.

As the typical minimalistic design of Loewe is still present on the bild V.48, it does not stand out from the rest. The elegant design of the chassis will make it fit anywhere without making you feel like it is sticking out.

Loewe Bild V.48 OLED
Source: Loewe

The Loewe bild V.48 also comes with a rotatable table stand. Thanks to that, you can make any customization that you want on the setup.

However, you do not have to stick with the table stand if you do not want to. The Loewe floor2ceiling stand, floor stand, and floor stand flex are available as an accessory for the device.

You can even combine the bild V.48 with the chrome-plated floor stand to make the setup look more elegant.

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