Loewe Klang Sub1: The Bluetooth Subwoofer That Looks Like a Footstool

Loewe Klang Sub1

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Loewe has just launched a new wireless subwoofer, and it shares a lot of the footstool-like aesthetics as the Sub5 of last year. The circular subwoofer weighs just 4.7 Kg and has a diameter of 28.7 cm, which makes the new Klang Sub1 much more compact than the previous offerings by Loewe.

However, the compact nature is not the only thing that makes Sub1 stand out from the previous offering. The new offering from Loewe comes with a pair of 4-inch woofers. It even has four passive drivers, which are on a hexagon layout. 

This layout lowers the unwanted vibrations significantly. And when there is a lower level of unwanted vibrations, there will be little to no buzzing sound on the signal. That will eventually result in a better overall audio-listening experience.

Loewe Klang Sub1
Source: Loewe

According to Loewe, the new Klang Sub1 can deliver up to 160 watts of power and frequency response that goes down to 20 Hz. And unlike the other subs from the brand, you can connect the Sub1 directly to TVs from the brand and We.by Loewe. 

In terms of the latter, the models from SL3 and onwards are compatible. However, you will require a Klang Sub1 transmitter. You will even have the ability to pair it up with third-party displays through the variable 3.5 mm line-in.

Furthermore, there is support for Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX low latency. And according to the brand, the new sub will offer the users “a perfectly balanced sound experience for maximum listening pleasure without sound delay, annoying buzzing and disturbing wires between the subwoofer and TV.”

Loewe Klang Sub1
Source: Loewe

The overall outlook of the Klang Sub1 is pretty praiseworthy as well. It features a grey fabric finish and features a uniform circular design. Thanks to such a design, it will not face any issues trying to merge with most of the modern audio setups. 

And thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth with aptX, there will be little to no delay on the wireless connection. That means you can have a much more immersive audio-listening experience through this wireless subwoofer.

Loewe Klang Sub1
Source: Loewe

Moreover, due to the inclusion of the 3.5mm line-in port, you will not need to rely on Bluetooth if you do not want to. However, compared to the Sub5 that came out last year, the Sub1 does not have the DTS Play-Fi.

That means you will not be capable of integrating the Sub1 in a multiroom setup. There is no word regarding the support for Apple AirPlay and Google Home either. Nonetheless, for the price point that it is in and for how compact it is, the Loewe Sub1 does seem like a great subwoofer.

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