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Loewe Reveals Its Greatest Masterpiece: The Iconic 4K OLED TV Made of Syno-Stone

Loewe Iconic 4K OLED TV

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The designer of the world’s first electronic television, Loewe Technology, has just amped up its TV game. The brand has revealed a high-end 4K UHD OLED TV, the world’s first consumer product made from Syno-stone.

Loewe has sourced recycled materials to craft this iconic TV. And the thing that makes this solid surface mineral material is that it can be recycled again. That makes the new OLED TV gain the highest overall sustainability level.

However, sustainability is not the only thing that Loewe has going for. The 4K TV is a design icon. The hygienic solid surface material does not fail to create eye-catching aesthetics. 

Loewe Iconic 4K OLED TV
Iconic 65; Source: Loewe

And as the material is highly durable, you will not need to worry about its look fading away that easily.

There are two colorways available for the TV. You can either get it in the Clay White or Graphite Grey color. And no matter which one you get, rest assured, it will be an iconic addition to a minimalistic setup.

Each of the units of the TV is individually calibrated. So, the display performance will be top-notch. Also, the units feature an optimized algorithm, which Loewe has worked on for decades. 

Loewe Iconic 4K OLED TV
Iconic 65; Source: Loewe

Thanks to this algorithm, the image on the panel will not fail to look completely natural. The panel can also offer high-contrast images with a superb color spectrum. 

The 4K OLED TV even has support for Dolby Vision and HDR10. These two technologies will amplify the overall performance even further. Overall, the viewing experience will be at class-leading heights.

A good picture experience without a good sound experience is incomplete. And Loewe knows that exactly well. The team has integrated speakers that can offer room-filling sound.

Loewe Iconic 4K OLED TV
Iconic 55; Source: Loewe

These speakers are at a 3.1 sound configuration and have a total output power of 360 watts. And if you want to, you can expand the setup to a 5.1 constellation. 

Along with being capable of filling the room with sound, the speakers offer an amazing level of speech clarity.

In addition to that, the TV has support for DTS:X, WDAL, Multiroom via Play-Fi, and AVR adapters. And the unit offers the ability to pair two rear and two front speakers wirelessly. You can even pair up a subwoofer too.

Loewe Iconic 4K OLED TV
Iconic 55; Source: Loewe

The TV is available in two sizes. Depending on your need, you can pick the 55-inch or 66-inch model. And even the speaker setup is pretty great; they do not protrude out. 

The design team of Loewe has managed to give the speakers a hidden look. They hide elegantly under the fabric panel of the speakers.

Want to get your hands on this masterpiece? The Loewe iconic TV models are available from November in the stores of authorized retailers. The iconic 65 has a retail price of £7999 / €7999, while the iconic 55 is priced at  £6499 / €6499.

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