Looking for a Google Chrome No Sound Fix? Try These!

Google Chrome No Sound Fix

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Google Chrome no sound fix is not something you can quickly get your head around. The problem is genuinely annoying, and it can test your patience! 

But the good news is that the problem is fixable. No, you will not have to ditch the browser and use any other browser you are unfamiliar with. Instead, you just need to go through the solutions in this guide and get the sound working again. So, let’s get started!

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Easy Google Chrome No Sound Fix: Check Google Chrome Sound Settings

Google Chrome No Sound Fix
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Before anything else, you would want to check the sound settings of Goggle Chrome. Open Chrome and click on the three vertical dots. Select settings from the tab that will pop up.

From the settings menu, you will need to head towards site settings and then additional content settings. Then, you will see an option called Sound, which will take you to Chrome sound settings. There, you need to see if Allow sites to play sound is turned on or not.

If that is turned on and you still do not hear sounds, you need to check the mute settings. You might have muted the site that you are trying to listen to the sound in for misclicks.

You will see the mute tab right under the Allow sites to play sound slider. There, remove the site you are trying to listen to the sound in if available.

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Google Chrome No Sound Windows 10 and Chrome No Sound Windows 11 Fix

Google Chrome No Sound Fix
Image Credit: Jumpstory

If the Goggle settings do not repair the sound, you will need to check the sound settings of the windows. For Windows 11 and 10, first, open the volume mixer. Do remember to keep the browser open. Also, play something while the volume mixer is open.

You should see sliders of all of the elements that are outputting sounds. That includes applications that are open and devices connected to your PC. If you notice that the slider for Google Chrome is turned down, you will need to bring it up. Make it match the other sliders, and the issue should be gone.

Reinstall or Reset Chrome

Google Chrome No Sound Fix
Image Credit: Jumpstory

If you have tried everything and could not get the sound working on Chrome, the last option would be to reinstall or reset it. From Settings, you need to go to Advanced, and then select Reset.

On the contrary, if you want to reinstall, head to the settings of your system and uninstall the app. Then head towards this site and download Chrome again.

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When it comes to Google Chrome no sound fix, you will not go anywhere if you do not do the right thing. And the methods mentioned above are the “right” approaches that you need to do to solve the issue!

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