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Looking for the Ultimate TV Accessory? The Sennheiser TV Clear Wireless Buds Should Be On Your List!

Sennheiser TV Clear

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It seems like Sennheiser took a different route for their latest wireless earbuds. While most wireless buds are for listening to music on the go, the new Sennheiser TV Clear is for conveniently watching TV at home. 

Why would the company take this route? Many people love to spend watching shows for hours. And if you are one of them, you might not want to annoy anyone in the room, right? That is where the new Sennheiser wireless buds step in!

But that is not the only reason why the Sennheiser TV Clear exists. Some people struggle to focus on the speech and dialogues of the show. 

In that case, you would certainly benefit from something that pipes speech directly to your ears. Again, that is exactly why the new wireless buds are here for.

Sennheiser TV Clear
Source: Sennheiser

On the buds, you will find five different speech clarity levels. You will be capable of getting up to 20 dB of high-frequency amplification with the clarity levels. 

And the best part of the earbuds is that you can set the volume level independent of the volume of the TV. 

Furthermore, you will find Sennheiser’s Ambient Aware mode in the Sennheiser TV Clear. That will let the outside noise get into your ears. 

Sennheiser TV Clear
Source: Sennheiser

In other words, you can still chat with your family and friends while watching TV. And it will indeed come in handy if you are watching with a mate that insists on talking through the film.

Sennheiser has also integrated an advanced wireless transmitter into the buds. It promises extremely low wireless latency. Alongside that, you will have the option to use Bluetooth if you want. 

And for having a Bluetooth chip inside, you can easily pair the buds up with your smartphones and tablets if you want to. So, the Sennheiser TV Clear is not just for TV!

These buds are a little heavier than the typical wireless earphones when it comes to weight. 

Sennheiser TV Clear
Source: Sennheiser

However, even after being heavier, you will not face any comfort issues while binge-watching shows with them on your ears for hours. 

The box will also bundle with a selection of ear fins and tips. Those will help to get a proper fit. You will not be disappointed with the battery life either. 

When you are using the transmitter mode, you can get up to 15 hours of battery life. And the charging case will add another 22 hours. 

That totals to 37 hours, which is a lot! Also, with the Sennheiser app, you will have the ability to customize the listening experience completely! The app also has the Find My Earbuds feature, which will come in handy if you forget the buds on your sofa.

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