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Magico Unveils the S3 Floorstanders: The Premium Speakers With Soaring Price Tags

Magico Unveils the S3 Floorstanders

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The California HiFi Firm, Magico, is best known for making some of the world’s most expensive speakers. 

But its speakers are not really about the price. It is more about offering the best and the best performance without making any sacrifices. 

Well, it seems the firm is about to make its lineup much better than the current one. Basically, Magico has reengineered the S3 Mk II speaker

Magico Unveils the S3 Floorstanders
Source: Magico Audio

It is one of the highly-rated speakers in the lineup. And to make such a great speaker better, the brand had to integrate some technical magic, which is pretty expensive.

In the new and improved Magico S3 three-way floorstanders, you will find the same technical marvels found in the M9 speakers

And in case you did not know, the M9 speakers are the company’s flagship model, and the pair costs more than a million!

So, what technological marvels are in the S3 floorstanders? The highlighted one is the newly engineered enclosure. 

Magico Unveils the S3 Floorstanders
Source: Magico Audio

It comprises four separate aluminum panels, each up to 2 inches in thickness. Each of the panels went through ultra-precise. “3D laser interferometry system” for inspection.

On that note, the interferometry system of the company allows the company to get the internal damping to perfection. This eventually allows the new Magico S3 enclosure to be “30% quieter than its predecessor.”

To improve the drivers of the S3, Magico relied on the state-of-the-art M9 floorstanders. In the tweeter, both the models come with 28mm diamond-coated beryllium diaphragms

Magico Unveils the S3 Floorstanders
Source: Magico Audio

But that is not all the improvements that the new S3 got in the sound department. Magico has also combined the tweeter of the S3 with a new “acoustically improved back chamber.” 

This chamber promises to substantially lower distortion in the sound. In short, the brand leaves no corners untouched to offer a premium-grade sound performance from the new S3 lineup.

Furthermore, there is a 5-inch pure midrange driver cone, which has a form of a honeycomb aluminum core. 

Magico Unveils the S3 Floorstanders
Source: Magico Audio

It is sandwiched with layers of carbon fiber and graphene. On the other hand, the 9-inch bass driver boasts the latest-gen graphene Nano-Tec cone.

With all these tech and premium materials, you would expect the speakers to be hefty, right? They are! The S3 floorstanding speakers are 1.2 meters high and weigh 100 KG.

So, when can you expect the ultra-premium range of the Magico S3 speakers to come out? The brand is set to begin shipping the speakers in Q1 2023. 

If you can pay the price, you will have two color options. The first is called M-Coat, a high-gloss paint finish, while the second is called M-Cast, a textured powder coat finish.

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