Marshall 3rd Gen Home – Line Speakers Might Just Be What You are Looking for

Marshall Acton III

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Erikson Media, the sole Canadian distributor of Marshall products, has just announced the availability of the 3rd gen portable Home-Line speaker series

And the great thing about the series is that it offers a significant upgrade in performance when compared to its predecessor.

Basically, the main highlight of the 3rd gen Home-Line speakers is their wider soundstage. To offer that, the audio specialist has re-engineered the components. 

Marshall Acton III
Acton III; Source: Marshall

Eventually, the new speakers are now promising to offer a much more immersive experience than ever before.

Among all the speakers in the lineup, the one that is the most portable and compact is Marshall Acton III

Compared to the Acton II, the Acton III can now upgrade its firmware through the app. That is, you will be able to get better performance from the speaker as the brand releases new over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Marshall Acton III
Acton III; Source: Marshall

The OTA update feature is also available for the large models of the series. But this is just one of the key features of the entire series. 

You also have Bluetooth 5.2, which is one of the latest Bluetooth versions out there. Thanks to that, the new Marshall speakers will offer better connectivity and a drop-out-free experience.

Moreover, you have a 3.5 mm input port, which you can use to stream music through wires if you want to. 

STANMORE III; Source: Marshall

Getting back to Marshall Acton III, the speaker boasts a 30-watt Class D amplifier for the woofer. For the tweeters, the unit relies on 15-watt Class D amplifiers. 

In other words, regardless of the compact size, it has what it takes to offer you the oomph you need.

In the middle, you have the Stanmore III. It comes with two 3/4-inch tweeters and one 5-inch woofer. 

WOBURN III; Source: Marshall

Compared to the Stanmore II, Marshall worked on the placement of the tweeters, keeping them angled outwards. They also come with updated waveguides.

The Marshall Stanmore III also benefits from all-new “Placement Compensation.” This feature will enable the speaker to offer the best possible sound regardless of placement. 

The speaker even has “Dynamic Loudness,” which automatically adjusts the tonal balance of the sound.

WOBURN III; Source: Marshall

That said, the flagship of the Home-Line series is the Woburn III. Marshall re-engineered it with a three-way driver system. 

The brand positioned a lower-tuned, much more powerful 6-inch woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet. In terms of tweeters, there are two 3/4-inch units with two 2-inch midrange drivers.

Other than Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm port, you have RCA and an HDMI input. The latter will enable you to connect the speaker to your TV directly. And it has tons of class-leading features.

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