Marshall Middleton: Looking for a Small Yet Tough Speaker?

Marshall Middleton

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You might know Marshall as a brand that offers guitar amps and accessories for musical instruments. Well, it also has a good presence in the audio speaker market. 

In fact, it currently has a large lineup of Bluetooth speakers. And the recent addition, Marshall Middleton, is undoubtedly something you should consider before purchasing a new portable speaker.

As you would expect from a portable speaker, the Middleton features a compact form factor, allowing you to carry it around and pack it inside your backpack easily.

Marshall Middleton
Source: Marshall

But the interesting thing about the Middleton is that it sits right between the Emberton 2 and Stockwell 2, two of the recent speakers that Marshall has released. 

That means Marshall Middleton is not going to disappoint when it comes to sound quality. In fact, Marshall has integrated a four-speakers multi-direction configuration on this portable speaker. So, you are bound to get a great music-listening experience.

Furthermore, Marshall Middleton even has a great build quality. The housing is IP67 rated, meaning you can listen to the speakers even when it gets drenched with water. 

Marshall Middleton
Source: Marshall

To be exact, the speaker can withstand 1-meter submersion for about 30 minutes. Marshall has also decided to go green with the build. 

Fifty-five percent of the construction is of post-consumer recycled plastic. So, it is not like you are just increasing the environmental e-waste by getting Marshall Middleton.

Nonetheless, the four-speaker setup of Marshall Middleton allows it to offer a “True Stereophonic” system, just like the Emberton 2. And according to Marshall, this setup creates a more immersive 360-degree soundstage than any standard stereo system. 

Marshall Middleton
Source: Marshall

In addition, the Middleton can offer a maximum of 87db at the audio output. And in case you are wondering, this sound level will be enough to get the party rolling in full swing. 

And if you think that this loudness is not enough, you can stack the speaker with other Middletons to get even more power.

However, unlike the Emberton 2, Marshall Middleton does have dedicated controls for bass and treble. However, you can control the EQ and adjust it according to your preference with the Marshall app. 

Marshall Middleton
Source: Marshall

And the great part is that the app is available for Android and iOS devices. Wondering what the battery life of the speaker is like? 

With a single charge, it can offer 20 hours plus of playtime. And let’s not forget that 4.5 hours of charging period is enough to get the speaker’s battery at 100%. Lastly, it can work like a power bank too!

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