MartinLogan Motion and Motion XT Are Coming at Bristol HiFi Show

Motion XT B100 MartinLogan

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PMC Distribution UK, which is the exclusive distributor of MartinLogan loudspeakers, has just announced some exciting news. 

That is, two new product lines are about to debut pretty soon. They are the Motion and Motion XT loudspeakers. And you can catch the unveiling at the Bristol HiFi Show. So, what are the two new loudspeakers about? 

Well, they are premium from the construction to the performance. The HiFi brand has reimagined the entire collection with fresh design and advanced audio technology. Even MartinLogan is amazed at the heights the new speakers have got to. 

Motion F20 MartinLogan
Motion F20; Source: MartinLogan

According to Allan Tarrant, the senior vice president, “When the original Motion Series launched in 2010, we had no idea how much of a following the technology would generate.”

Allan Tarrant continues that with the fourth-generation products, the new Motion and Motion XT, MartinLogan has truly outdone itself. 

The whole team is amazed by the craftsmanship, performance, and attention to detail that went into creating these two new product lineups.

Motion MP10 MartinLogan
Motion MP10; Source: MartinLogan

That said, the Motion XT series comes with four models. Two of them are floor-standing speakers, one is a bookshelf speaker, and one is a center channel.

The Motion series, on the other hand, comes with five models. In that, you have two floor-standers, one center channel, one versatile multi-purpose solution for home theater, and the Motion MP 10.

All the speakers of the new MartinLogan series come with improvements. And the most important highlight in that is the new waveguide design and improved drivers. 

Motion XT B100 MartinLogan
Motion XT B100; Source: MartinLogan

Also, the new range comes with a broad range of audio innovations too. That includes Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeters. That has the signature thin-film tweeter technology of MartinLogan. And it has a relatively larger magnet structure.

On that note, the HiFi brand designed the tweeter to offer lower overall distortion and higher output. Also, it excels in offering the highest level of accuracy and detail.

The bass drivers of the range are new too. On the MartinLogan Motion XT, you have Nomex Reinforced Kevlar woofers.

Motion F20 MartinLogan
Motion F20; Source: MartinLogan

That will offer great performance at the critical midrange frequencies. On the other hand, the Motion utilizes Fiberglass woofers. It perfectly aligns the series with in-ceiling/in-wall CI siblings.

Besides that, the MartinLogan floor stating models have F.A.S.T foot, which is a fully adjustable and toolless foot design. It provides the highest performance and has anti-vibration properties.

Lastly, you will have the option to choose from three premium finishes. Depending on which look you are shooting for, you can choose the Satin White, Walnut, or Gloss Black. You can catch both ranges in the Bristol HiFi show. So, check them out if you are there.

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