Matrix Audio Partnered With HIGHRESAUDIO to Fulfill All Your Streaming Needs

Matrix Audio Partnered With HIGHRESAUDIO

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Matrix Audio has been in the hybrid audio product market for quite a while now. It has many streamers, headphone amplifiers, and DACs, which are a go-to pick for audiophiles.

However, if this is the first time you have heard about the brand, just know that it has been leading in the medium to high-end products of the HiFi market

Some of the well-known products of the brand include Element X2, M2, and i2. These were launched last year and are performing great in the current market.

Matrix Audio Partnered With HIGHRESAUDIO
Element X2; Source: Matrix Audio

Nonetheless, Matrix Audio has been packing all the products with the latest and greatest audio technologies for the last ten years. 

But this time, the audio specialist seems to have outdone itself. It partnered with HIGHRESAUDIO

Now, if you don’t know what HIGHRESAUDIO is, it is a music store that offers exclusive access to high-resolution 24-bit downloads.

Like any other streaming platform, such as Apple Music and Spotify, you will need a subscription. 

Matrix Audio Partnered With HIGHRESAUDIO
Element X2; Source: Matrix Audio

Once you are in, you will have total freedom to download music from all types of genres at the highest possible sampling rate.

In other words, HIGHRESAUDIO is not just another average streaming platform. Instead, it is for hardcore audiophiles.

This partnership with Matrix Audio and HIGHRESAUDIO makes a lot of sense. The audio specialist goes all-in in terms of offering premium sound quality. And HIGHRESAUDIO is the perfect place to enjoy music in its very best possible form. 

Matrix Audio Partnered With HIGHRESAUDIO
Source: Matrix Audio

That said, you will now find a native integration of HIGHRESAUDIO into the MA Remote 3.0 app of Matrix Audio (available for iOS and Android). This native integration allows the audio products to get technical and developmental independence. 

As there’s no involvement of 3rd party APIs, such as Airable, VOLMIO, and AUDIVO, the experience will be much smoother. Wondering which Matrix Audio products will come with the new feature? 

You will find it on the second-gen Element series, which comprises Element X2, M2, i2, and X-SABRE 3. If you have one of these devices, you just need to download the firmware upgrade, which is available via OTA (Over the Air) update.

Matrix Audio Partnered With HIGHRESAUDIO
Element X2; Source: Matrix Audio

On the contrary, if you don’t have one of the supported Matrix Audio products and plan to get one, there’s a piece of good news for you. 

By purchasing any Element 2nd-gen product in March, April, and May 2023, you will receive a free 6 months of streaming subscription from HIGHRESAUDIO. 

That will let you do massive savings on the subscription plan. So, instead of waiting around, grab an Element product right away.

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