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Meet the FiiO K7 Balanced Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp

FiiO K7 Balanced Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp

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The FiiO K7 is out! And if you have been looking for a balanced desktop amplifier that features dual AK4493S DACs and dual THX AAA 788+ amp technology, it is the one that you have been waiting for. 

However, those are not the only upgrades that it brought to the table. There is so much more! This new desktop DAC/AMP combo builds on the previous FiiO desktop amplifier. 

And in case you didn’t know, that amplifier features a truly balanced six-stage audio circuit. It comprises a Low Pass Filter, DAC, Volume Control, Pre-Amplification, Buffer Amplifier, and Headphone Out.

FiiO K7 Balanced Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp
Source: FiiO

Throughout the single path, the FiiO K7 separately processes the audio signals from each channel. And that eventually significantly reduces the crosstalk. 

Thanks to the dual THX AAA788+ amplification, the K7 is capable of powering both high and low-impedance headphones.

You can manually select the low and high hardware gain levels from the front panel, allowing you to quickly adjust the FiiO K7 for headphones with different sensitivities and impedances.

FiiO K7 Balanced Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp
Source: FiiO

Besides that, the FiiO K7 can offer 560mW of power in a 300-ohm load. And the great part is that the distortion level in such cases will be 1%. It can also provide 200mW of power in a 32-ohm at the same level of distortion.

What about the dual AKM AK4493SEQ DACs? The FiiO K7 utilizes each of them for each of the audio channels. Through that, the K7 can accurately handle all digital audio files. 

And you can playback the files that are up to DSD256 or 32Bit 384kHz, thanks to the XMOS XUF208 decoding chip. That chip also enables dual-clock management on the K7.

FiiO K7 Balanced Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp
Source: FiiO

Furthermore, you will find an indicator light on the volume dial displays. They will have a different color at different times, which will depend on the sampling rate of the audio you are pushing through the FiiO K7. 

For example, the light will be blue when it receives 48kHz and below. And when it gets 48kHz or more, the light will be yellow. And finally, for DSD files, the lights will be green.

Wondering what power supply is in the FiiO K7? It relies on an external 12V switching power supply that FiiO has redesigned with an internal power design architecture.

FiiO K7 Balanced Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp
Source: FiiO

This power supply consists of multiple independent stages. And the Low-dropout Regulators monitor the voltage of each.

Moreover, the K7 packs an intelligent DC protection system guard. That will help the device to operate at an optimal temperature range all the time. Overall, the K7 looks excellent on paper. And it will indeed perform like a beast.

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