Melco Audio Announces a New Full-Width HDD Model: The N50-H60 Digital Music Library

Melco Audio

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The Japanese brand Melco Audio is well known for its high-performance digital music libraries. Some of their recent releases include the compact N1Z and the entry-level N100. 

However, there is a substantial gap between these two models. Well, the gap no longer exists because Melco has just announced the N50-H60.

Like all of the music libraries of Melco, the new N50-H60 is made in Japan. At its core, it is a full-width HDD with a sizeable local storage capacity. 

It basically provides crucial performance upgrades that the users of the affordable libraries, the half-width N100, have been asking for. And it does that while providing higher overall accessibility than the N1Z/2EX-H50.

All three music libraries are HDD-based. However, the full-width design of the N50-H60 makes it offer a higher overall capacity. 

Regarding the design, the full-width HDD has classic aesthetics found in the full-width predecessor of Melco, which is the N1A. In other words, the classic appearance is still present on the new HDD model.

Melco Audio N50-H60 Digital Music Library
Source: Melco Audio

Available in black or silver, the N50-H60 has wide-ranging internal upgrades. The upgrades are mainly on the circuitry, power supplies, and the performance of the drive unit. 

But even with all of these upgrades, the mode still has a 1.7-millimeter-thick chassis. You will also find a noise filter and an IEC power inlet.

Nonetheless, the enhancement Melco made on the main circuit is one of the reasons why there is such a performance upgrade on the N50-H60. 

Melco Audio N50-H60 Digital Music Library
Source: Melco Audio

The model also has a specifically selected 6 TB (Terabyte) HDD (Hard Disk). This HDD is coupled with a brand new rigid mounter that is carefully floated inside the chassis. Such an approach offers higher isolation to the HDD.

With the Melco E100 3 TB HDD, you can add an extra audiophile-quality storage capacity to the unit if you want to.

Besides the main circuit, the new PSU (power supply) is another reason for a high-performance upgrade on the N50-H60. 

Melco Audio R 2 1
Source: Melco Audio

The model has a new dynamic PSU that offers 25 percent more power output. Along with that, there are brand new isolation feet that the brand re-engineered for extra protection from unwanted vibrations.

On the rear panel, there are four total USB ports. You will find a USB 3.0 and USB ports for backup and expansion. Along with that, you will find USB DAC output that is for USB DAC-equipped active speakers or amplifiers and USB converters.

The USB suite basically enables the connected devices to run without any configuration. They offer importing or playback from HDD, SSD, memory devices, CD drives, and CD rippers. 

Also, expansion with the E100 or other becomes possible for the suite. In short, thanks to all these USB ports, operating and using the N50-H60 should be a piece of cake.

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