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Meze Audio 109 Pro: An Audiophile Grade Dynamic Open-back Headphone

Meze Audio 109 Pro

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Meze Audio, a Romanian headphone specialist, has just teased their first-even dynamic open-back headphones. It goes by the name of 109 Pro, and it is a true audiophile-grade pair of headphones. 

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But that is not all that you need to know about the fantastic piece of art from the headphone specialist. There is more! Among all of the things that set the 109 Pro apart, the build quality is the first standout. Meze Audio has opted for high-end materials. 

That includes ultra-durable manganese steel and luxurious walnut wood. And as you might have guessed, a good build is nothing without a good design. Meze audio has factored that in as well.

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

The design is based on one of the bestselling 99 Classics. However, do not let the design inspiration throw you off. The sound signature is not one bit similar to the 99 Classics. 

Under the hood of the 109 Pro, you will find 50mm drivers that are straight from Meze Audio. The acoustic team engineered the drivers to promise “an exceptional soundstage and a highly detailed, enveloping sound, with just the right amount of punch.”

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

On that note of 99 Classics, the best part about that pair of headphones was that the individual pieces could be replaced. 

The good news with the 109 Pro from Meze Audio is that the same thing applies here as well. Each part will be assembled with bolts and nuts, which according to Meze Audio, will make the headphones “endlessly serviceable.”

Furthermore, the sound of the 99 Classics is very praiseworthy. It has a sonic character that you will fall in love with at first listen. The clarity of the sound for the 99 Classics is incredibly as well. 

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

So, considering the fact that Meze Audio promises better sound than 99 Classics, you can expect them to offer an actual audiophile-grade performance. You should also note that 99 Classics is a closed-back headphone. 

The new 109 Pro, on the other hand, is open-backed. So, you can not really make a one-to-one comparison with these two headphones.

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

That said, although the brand does not plan to launch the 109 Pro until October 2022, they have had a preview session in the recent CanJam show. 

The show took place in London’s Westminster on July 30th and 31st. And in the preview session, there were hundreds of other wired headphones.

Nonetheless, if you could not make it to the CanJam show, you do not have much to regret. October is just around the corner. So, if you like to get your hands on the 109 Pro and give it a listen, you do not have to wait that long.

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