Meze Audio Epoque: The Headphones That Take “Flagship Headphone” Definition to the Next Level

Meze Audio Epoque

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Who said that high-end headphones do not look pretty? Meze Audio did not! Take the Epoque, for example. 

It is the definition of what flagship headphones should look like aesthetically. And the design and the build of the headphone is something that most of the other high-end brands adopt.

Basically, the Epoque is the latest pair of headphones for the Meze Audio Art Gallery collection. It is a limited edition version of the flagship Elite planar magnetic headphone. 

Meze Audio Epoque
Source: Meze Audio

And the audio specialist is mainly paying homage to the iconic Art Nouveau artistic movement and the Belle Epoque time period to which the movement belonged.

According to the lead designer and founder of Meze Audio, Antonio Meze, “This particular style of art had a significant importance throughout my creative journey, and I wanted to express my admiration for it through my own craft.”

He further added, “Much like the artists of that time, we are inspired by shapes, textures, and patterns from nature. We try to revive creativity and bring genuine artistic value to a world of mass production. Epoque is the perfect reflection of our artistic sensibilities.”

Meze Audio Epoque
Source: Meze Audio

Now, when Meze Audio is speaking about a limited edition pair of headphones, they actually mean it. 

There will be only 100 units of Epoque available worldwide. And as you might have guessed, the price point of the limited-edition headphone will be a bit higher than the regular edition.

However, the price that you will be paying to get one will be well worth it. The design’s inspiration is apparent in the headphone’s appearance. 

Meze Audio Epoque
Source: Meze Audio

Meze Audio did not skimp one bit to make the headphone look unique and pleasing to the eyes. Its intricate decoration and one-of-a-kind finish are definitely something you will be amazed about.

On the note of intricate decoration, Meze Audio did not leave any corners of the headphone regarding it. Even the aluminum frame of the headphone has different shades of grey. When was the last time you appreciated headphones that put much effort into the details?

Furthermore, the flowers that are on the headphone are hand-applied. Meze Audio has put a lot of priority on this design. 

Meze Audio Epoque
Source: Meze Audio

That’s why each of the frames took more than a day to complete. No wonder there will be only 100 of these available worldwide.

Want to know about the engineering story behind the art? Just like Elite, Epoque represents the pinnacle of the engineering experience of Meze Audio.

 Under the hood, there is a customized MZ3SE Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver. And in case you did not know, Rinaro, a driver specialist, created this hybrid driver. So, in short, the Epoque is not all about looks. It will amaze you with performance too!

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