Meze Audio is Finally Here with Audiophile-grade Open-Back Sound With its 109 Pro

Meze Audio 109 Pro

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Until now, the Meze Audio lineup did not have dynamic open-back headphones. In other words, the Meze Audio 109 Pro is the first-ever open-back headphone from the brand.

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Meze 99 NEO closed-back headphone brings together Meze Audio’s sound signature and design style. The 99 Neo wired over-ear headset features coal black textured earcups and cast zinc alloy hardware – creating a subtle yet modern cutting-edge look.

And it promises to provide the users with the “highest standards of comfort, design and audio reproduction.”

No matter what the tagline of the headphone is, the 109 Pro from Meze Audio is undoubtedly a beautiful pair of headphones. 

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

The overall construction is made of premium materials, which include responsibly-sourced vegan leather, walnut wood, and ultra-strong manganese steel. These premium materials come together and form a very luxurious-looking pair of headphones.

But the looks are not the only thing that makes the 109 Pro stand out. Meze Audio has also integrated the latest technology to offer users a luxurious listening experience. 

You will find a pair of brand new dual-composite 50 mm drivers. The brand has custom-designed these drivers for the headphones.

Meze Audio 109 Pro

These drivers are basically a combination of cellulose, carbon fiber composite, copper-zinc alloy, and Beryllium-coated polymer. 

And the critical part about the drivers is that they can reproduce high frequencies with “incredible detail, clarity, and definition.” The frequency response is pegged at 5 Hz to 30 kHz.

The lead designer and founder of the Romanian company stated, “Our obsession with art, exceptional sound, and timeless design drives us. 

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

We only create what we love, and the 109 Pro is no exception to that.” Indeed, many design aspects and technological advancements have been combined to craft the 109 Pro.

Another great thing about the Meze Audio 109 Pro is that you can replace each of the headphones’ parts. The entire thing stays in place with bolts and nuts. 

So, there is no reason why you will not be able to replace parts when needed. In fact, the brand refers to the parts being “endlessly serviceable.”

Meze Audio 109 Pro
Source: Meze Audio

Nonetheless, at first glance, the design of the 109 Pro might seem a lot similar to the 99 Classics. Well, it does take inspiration from the best-selling closed-back headphone of Meze Audio.

However, as you know, there has been a serious upgrade in the driver department and the outlay. And this upgrade will offer a significant leap in terms of performance.

With each pair, you will get two 3.5mm headphone cables. One is 1.5 meters, while the other is 3 meters long. The package comes with a 6.3mm jack adaptor and a rigid EVA pouch. That pouch will do a proper job of keeping the 109 Pro safe when you are carrying it around.

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