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Mission Brings Back An 80s Classic With the Mission 700!

Mission 700

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Mission has recently re-engineered Mission 770. And it has got so much love from both the fans and reviewers. So, for Mission, it makes sense to bring back another classic from the past, and they did! 

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Meet the Mission 700! At its core, the Mission 700 is a reimagined version of the 1980 classic speaker. That classic speaker was smaller than the mainstream version of Mission 770 from 1978. 

And now, it just got better than the original version. But that does mean that Mission has just slapped a new design and is calling the speakers a revamped version of the original. There is so much more!

Mission 700
Source: Mission

According to Mission, the new 700 is reworked from the ground up. It claims to have an improved version of everything on the originals. 

However, it still retains some of the original design, one of the key things that made the originals stand out from the competition. That includes the Mission 700 logo and the white front baffle.

Furthermore, it seems like the build quality has been revamped as well. The new 700s are twice the weight of the originals. So, you can guess the quality of the materials that the new one has. 

Mission 700
Source: Mission

Also, the inverted driver arrangement is now at the back. Mission was a pioneer of this inverted driver, and the original 700 was one of the first ones to place the treble unit right below the mid/bass driver. The brand still utilizes the same configuration on its modern offerings.

On that note, the mid/bass cone utilizes polypropylene stiffened by minerals. Thanks to that, it promises a fast yet tight bass. And the mid/bass drive unit has also been redesigned. The redesign mainly focuses on excelling in terms of modern dynamics and power handling.

What about the treble? For the new Mission 700, the treble will be handled by a damped and lightweight 28mm microfibre dome. The dome will also have the backing of a damped rear chamber. 

And with all of these, the new 700 will aim to create an evenness throughout the frequency range. In comparison, the original 700 aimed more at the midrange.

Mission 700
Source: Mission

In terms of the exterior, the new 700 comes with a body that is of wood and is veneered. It features a twin-wall sandwich of particle board and high-density MDF  that is bonded by a layer of high-damping adhesive. 

This adhesive will eliminate coloration. Furthermore, Mission has strengthened the front baffle by internal bracing. And there is a layer of damping fiber and acoustic foam that will absorb all of the reflections from the inside of the cabinet. 

There is additional damping on the optional stands that Mission has to offer for the 700. So, the optional stands are not just for aesthetics.

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