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M&K Sound Brings New Premium V+ Subwoofer Series Designed For Optimal Performance

M&K Sound Brings New Premium V+ Subwoofer Series Designed For Optimal Performance

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M&K Sound, manufacturer of the subwoofer/satellite speaker combination specialized for full-range interior audio reproduction,” introduces three entirely new compact, high-performance, lifestyle-friendly subwoofers: the V10+, V12+, and V15+. Each of these woofers comes with a 10-inch, 12-inch, or 15-inch driver, respectively. Two of these compact subwoofers have gained prestigious THX® Certification and are M&K App-enabled (V15+ and V12+), while all of them promise to provide customers with deep, accurate, and precise bass at a low price.

M&K Sound is a name revered by the film, audio press, and music industries and by home consumers seeking the best loudspeakers or woofers for home theatre applications and music. For over four decades. M&K Sound is relentlessly delivering unmatched performance, durability, and the best value for money, based on a really unique legacy and a robust market presence that is incomparable to the conventional lines between consumer audio and performance.

The V15+ has attained the THX® Certified Ultra status when used in conjunction with two V15+ subwoofers combinedly, while the 12-inch V12+ has come with THX® Certified Select status, indicating that both models can reach the reference level of professional cinema in interim ambiance up to 3,000 ft3 and 2,000 ft3, respectively. The THX logo of excellence ensures that customers may experience film soundtracks as well as the high-fidelity audio integrity added by the producers.

MK Sound Brings New Premium V Subwoofer Series Designed For Optimal Performance
M&K SOUND introduces V15+, V12+ and V10+ subwoofers

Sound engineers of M&K improved the power output of all three new V+ subwoofers amplifiers over the previous V Series. Additionally, the V15+ is the V family’s first 15-inch driver enclosure, while the other two have got the frequency response of their deep bass expanded from 25Hz, on the previous V10 and V12, to an amazing 20Hz.

Single drivers along with specially treated, in-sealed paper cons anti-resonant casings have been featured with these latest V+ Series subwoofers. These elements, mixed with precisely engineered, high-efficiency amplifiers and M&K’s patented ‘front end’ input level, guarantee that the distinctive bass performance isn’t only heard but also felt and assimilated by the audience, according to the manufacturer.

Both the V15+ and V12+ subwoofers can be configured from a sitting position using the M&K App, which is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Along with volume, crossover frequency, and phase changes, the state-of-the-art M&K App enables new owners to configure Manual EQ and Auto EQ settings through onboard control.

Users may modify the frequency, gain, and ‘Q’ of four distinct EQs using the manual EQ. Auto EQ adjusts for and corrects for room abnormalities that might result in subpar bass output. 

Together with freshly built and magnetized front grilles for quick removal and replacement, the V+ Series subwoofers, according to their developer, provide optimal ergonomics and performance for audiophiles and casual listeners.

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