Monitor Audio Releases a Limited Edition Silver 100 To Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

Monitor Audio

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Founded in 1972, the British loudspeaker manufacturer Monitor Audio has come a long way. And to celebrate their jubilee year, they are launching a very special edition of the Silver 100. 

News Update
Monitor Audio Silver 100 Bookshelf Speakers

Silver 100 boasts Unique RST Cone profile for best diaphragm rigidity and lowest distortion

But the elephant of the room is what makes the limited edition of the 7th Gen Silver 100 so special?

To start with, it comes in a classic Heritage Green exterior. There is gold anodizing on the C-CAM bass drivers as well. 

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Monitor Audio
Image Credit: Monitor Audio

Even though the green finish is not that bright, the gold anodizing of the bass driver totally complements the color. And with each unit, there will be a unique identifying number, which will be on the backside.

Each of the Monitor Audio speakers will also come with a certificate of authenticity. That will tell the people that you have the real deal! And that are all the things that will be different than the regular version of the Silver 100.

Now, if you are wondering what the regular version brings to the table, firstly, it has a 20 cm driver. The driver goes by the name of C-CAM driver, and C-CAM stands for ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium.

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Monitor Audio
Image Credit: Monitor Audio

That said, the Silver 100 is comparatively larger and chunkier than the Silver 200, which are the award-winning floorstanders of 2017. But the heft does not come from the driver. In fact, the drivers sit nicely within the housing and bring a modern aesthetic to the speakers.

The Silver 100 also boasts the DCF coupling mechanism. That lowers the overall distortion and offers a high-frequency fidelity. The speakers will also come with a HiVe II port, which will accelerate the airflow while reducing the overall turbulence.

When it comes to the tweeter, you will find a 25 mm gold-dome unit on the speakers. It is a Monitor Audio staple, and it has the fine-tuning of the brand to offer distortion-free, smooth, and clear frequencies.

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Monitor Audio
Image Credit: Monitor Audio

Nonetheless, in terms of audio quality of Monitor Audio, the main focus is on the overall cohesion and musicality of the Silver range. You will notice a good amount of texture on the instruments and space in between the mix for the reverbs while listening to your favorite tunes on these speakers.

Along with that, the speakers offer a good dynamic expression and punch to the sound. Those two traits set the speakers well apart from most of the other lineups.

Hearing all of that, you must be waiting to give these limited edition speakers a try. If you want a first look at the units, you can head over to room F131 of Atrium 4. You will get a glimpse of these limited-edition speakers along with a prototype named Concept 50 there.

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