MQA Unveils a New Wireless Codec: Meet the SCL6

MQA Unveils a New Wireless Codec

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Japan Audio Society, an audio research organization, has just certified a scalable codec. The organization is respected internationally and known for certifying significant technological advancements. But is the case the same for the new MQA codec?

For the certification, the scalable codec from MQA Ltd will officially come with Hi-Res Audio Wireless Logo. The technical name of the new codec is SCL6, but it will debut in the market as MQair, making the brand more recognizable.

The primary aim of this codec is to deliver clarity and detail by focusing on the time domain. The time domain is a crucial factor for human perception of hi-res sounds. 

And with MQair, the brand is here to offer a fresh new perspective. This perspective delivers an exceptional audio experience. In addition to that, it answers the rising demand for better wireless sound in the audio market.

MQA Unveils a New Wireless Codec
Source: MQA

The technology has support for both PCM and MQA audio, which is up to 384 kHz. What about the scalability factor of the codec

Well, that is where the SCL6 codec shines! The encoded data rate can be seamlessly scaled to below 200 kbps from 20 Mbps.

This scalability covers not only Bluetooth but also WiFi links and Ultra-Wideband (UWB). Alongside that, the MQair can offer high efficiency and low overall latency, translating to better battery life. 

According to the Founder and CTO of MQA, “We are very honored that JAS has certified SCL6 for use with its Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS logo. This latest technology is born of our passion for the highest sound quality and an understanding that such quality brings us closer to the music.”

He also added that with MQair, MQA plans to improve the listening experience of the listeners and expand the ecosystem for wireless devices.

Furthermore, the MQA founder mentioned that high resolution is not something that needs to be full of big things. Instead, it is shaped by small elements, which convey better separation, details, color, and space in the sound.

For reference, MQA has utilized the transparency of the air. That is probably why the new codec has “air” in its name.

Nonetheless, the brand has also promised that they are excited about the design of MQair and will aim to deliver an enjoyable audio experience to music lovers everywhere.

In short, with MQair, MQA LTD is planning to offer listeners better quality without needing to sacrifice any convenient features. And with the certification from the Japanese Audio Society, this new codec will probably be available in a lot of devices in the future.

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