Native CD Ripping is Finally Possible on Microsoft Windows 11!

Microsoft Windows

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Although Windows 11 is the latest computer operating system from Microsoft, it does not come with all of the features that you might have expected. At least you will not get loads of features out of the box. 

But the good news is that Microsoft is listening to its user. And they are making an effort to bring back most of the useful features that were lacking in Windows 11. Among them, the latest addition is the CD ripping ability.

Microsoft has already documented the CD ripping feature on Windows Blogs. And although it is not available in the regular version of the operating system, you can take advantage of native CD ripping through the Media Player app by opting into the dev channel. 

Microsoft Windows
Source: Jumpstory

This feature revolutionizes the app, which just got the ability to read data from discs. That feature got added in March 2022.

Nonetheless, according to Microsoft, users will be capable of using the Media Player to rip songs in ALAC, WMA, FLAC, and AAC formats. Now, from the screenshots, it seems that Windows 11 will recommend using the AAC format if you do not have much of a preference on the type of format.

But what does CD ripping actually mean? Basically, when you are ripping from a CD, you are copying the data from the compact disc into the drive of your PC. 

Microsoft Windows
Source: Microsoft

However, it is not just a single-click process. You will need proper media for the process. The media player, in this case, will take responsibility for compressing the data and storing it in the drive of your computer.

So, was it not possible to rip songs from CDs in Windows 11? Yes! But on the current builds, you need to rely on an external CD ripper app to extract audio files from the CD. Also, most of the third-party CD rippers will limit you to two formats. 

You will either need to extract it in MP3 or WAV. Take the app from, for example. That means you will be getting more flexibility with the inclusion of the CD ripping feature on the Media Player of Windows 11.

That said, the CD ripping feature is not the only thing that is special for the new dev channel version of Windows 11. 

Microsoft Windows
Source: Microsoft

There is a new camera app as well. And it too has some flashy new features. With the new camera app, it will be possible for you to read QR codes and barcodes without needing to rely on a third-party app.

However, you should consider that all of these new apps are in the dev channel for a reason. There can be bugs, and the features might not work as they should.

But you can certainly help the team if you are in the dev channel of Windows 11. Just hit Win + F button to take a report of the bugs and send it back to Microsoft!

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