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Netflix Can Now Help You to Get Fit

Netflix Nike Training Club

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The streaming giant, Netflix, will start to stream fitness classes taken from the Nike Training Club to all subscribers. 

Beginning on December 30, you will be able to get the helping hand you need to meet your New Year’s fitness resolution. Netflix plans to offer the classes in two batches. 

The first one starts on December 30, while the second one is planned to release periodically next year. However, what the second batch will offer is still unknown.

Netflix Nike Training Club
Source: Jumpstory

Nonetheless, when the batches are all complete, you will be able to access more than 30 hours’ worth of workout sessions straight through the streaming platform. Curious to know what you can expect from these sessions? 

For the first set, Netflix will offer five programs. There will be a total of 46 different videos, and they will all comprise 90 workouts

All of them will be available in 10 different languages, which will help people across the globe to get better access to these fitness sessions.

Netflix Nike Training Club
Source: Nike

There is no word about the list of workouts that will be available on the platform. However, Netflix has unveiled some session names of the exercises. Through those, you can get a fair idea of what the sessions will mostly be about.

For example, the sixth episode program goes by “Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga.” As you can guess, this episode aims to teach people vinyasa yoga

Then, there is “Two Weeks to a Stronger Core.” That program consists of seven episodes, which by the name of it, will focus on enhancing your core body strength

Netflix Nike Training Club
Source: Nike

That includes the lower back and abs. Furthermore, there is “HIT & Strength with Tara.” That includes 14 episodes, which will most likely be about high-intensity training workouts. 

But the thing is, not all of the names of this Netflix training program are obvious. For example, “Feel-Good Fitness” and “Kickstart Fitness with the Basics.”

Those two programs have 6 and 13 episodes. And you can not really put your finger on what the exercises will be about.

Netflix Nike Training Club
Source: Nike

Nonetheless, we did get some words from Nike regarding the Training Club program of Netflix. According to the sports brand, the program “[caters] to all fitness levels, [requires] minimal to no equipment, and [spans] a broad range of workout types, lengths, and intensities.”

From that statement, you can interpret a little about the last two programs. They are maybe targeting the ones that want a relaxed and beginner-friendly session. And if that is the case, those two programs will help a lot to get into this fitness program.

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