New Sony WF-C700N: Your Affordable Travel ANC Buddy

Sony WF-C700N

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Recently, the craze for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) buds has gone up. After all, who doesn’t want to travel in peace, right? 

But the thing is, if you want to get yourself a good pair of ANC buds, you might find yourself shelling out hundreds. Well, with the release of the Sony WF-C700N, that might not be true anymore.

According to a Sony fan site, the audio specialist is currently working on the success of the Sony WF-C500. In case you didn’t know, that pair of cheap True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds sold like hotcakes.

Sony WF-C700N
WF-SP700N; Source: Sony

With the new buds, Sony is purportedly planning to offer flagship features at an affordable offering. Felt like you heard that kind of line before? 

You might be thinking of the recently released Sony WH-CH720N. Sony introduced the features that made the Sony WH-1000XM5 a great purchase for that affordable pair of headphones. Nonetheless, the case might be the same for the Sony WF-C700N.

Firstly, the upcoming cheap wireless buds are expected to come with Bluetooth 5.2. Through that, Sony will ensure a stable and highly reliable wireless connection on the buds. 

Sony WF-C700N
WF-SP700N; Source: Sony

The filing of the Sony WF-C700N also suggests that there can be a battery boost on the new earbuds.

That is, the buds might come with a differently-sized battery than the predecessor. To look back, the Sony WF-C500 offered 10 hours of run time. 

But with the integration of ANC tech, the new Sony WF-C700N will need all the power that it can get. So, integrating a bigger battery would be quite necessary.

Sony WF-C700N
WF-SP700N; Source: Sony

There is no clear indication regarding which codecs the WF-C700N will support. But the WF-C500 only came with SBC and AAC codecs only. 

However, with the WH-CH720N, Sony brought LDAC support to its affordable offering. So, fans are hoping to see the same for the Sony WF-C700N.

Other than that, the WF-C700N might feature the same design as its predecessor. And it might even come in the same color options Sony previously offered, which are black, violet, green, and white.

Sony WF-C700N
WF-SP700N; Source: Sony

Finally, even though the FCC documentation does not offer any info about the pricing, it does hint that the buds might come out soon.

Considering the fact that the confidential document is out, the Sony WF-C700N might be just a couple of months away.

Overall, the WF-C700N can help Sony to take the lead in the affordable market. And if all the FCC filing states reflect the final product, the Sony WF-C700N will offer a substantial value proposition.

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