New Spotify Homepage: Takes Heavy Inspiration From TikTok and Netflix

Spotify Homepage Takes Heavy Inspiration From TikTok and Netflix

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The music service giant, Spotify, has just introduced a bold new design for its mobile app. Just from the first glance, the app’s new interface will remind you of your TikTok and Netflix feed. Well, the interface is designed to work in a similar manner too! 

From what the company says, the new update will “make for a whole new way to sample and discover whatever you might be in the mood for, all on your Home screen.” 

In other words, the new interface aims to make the app more lively and interactive. Spotify showcased the new look at its Stream On event, which took place in Los Angeles. The event even hinted at how the company plans to roll out the new features to its users.

1 New Spotify Homepage
Source: Spotify

According to the streaming giant, the new interface will currently be available for Spotify subscribers.

But even if you are a paid user, you might not see the interface right after getting into the app. 

Instead, you will have to click on the buttons available at the top portion of the home page to experience the new look. So, what function is the new interface exactly aiming for? 

Spotify Homepage Takes Heavy Inspiration From TikTok and Netflix
Source: Spotify

Musically came ahead and answered the question. The new Spotify app interface will soon replace “the existing carousels of music, podcast, and playlist suggestions with a TikTok-style vertical feed of recommendations.”

Heavy emphasis on “TikTok-style” here because it is pretty evident that the team took serious inspiration from that social media. 

But while the feed of TikTok aims to keep you in the loophole and make you watch video after video, the new Spotify interface has a little different goal.

Spotify Homepage Takes Heavy Inspiration From TikTok and Netflix
Source: Spotify

It will make you discover more songs and podcasts. The interface will even encourage you to check them out. 

Of course, the new songs and podcasts that you will find through the new UI will be according to your liking.

This new interface could eventually make Spotify get its users to discover more new music. With TikTok’s laser-targeted algorithm and Netflix’s way of using video clips, you will likely be more enticed to interact with the new interface.

Spotify Homepage Takes Heavy Inspiration From TikTok and Netflix
Source: Spotify

That will give the streaming platform get a competitive edge over Apple Music. In fact, according to the official press release of the streaming giant, this update is “one of the biggest evolutions” to come to the app.

Nonetheless, Spotify plans to roll out these features soon to all users. However, some users might get it later than others.

That is, the team is planning to roll the new interface out to all the users at different intervals.

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